Legislative survey: would you vote for a Constitutional amendment to legalize Marijuana in New Mexico?

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Progressives across the country are leading efforts to end Marijuana prohibition. Is New Mexico ready?

  • According to a report in the ABQ Business First, a legalized and regulated Marijuana industry would create 11,400 jobs in New Mexico and add $412 million in new revenue for our economy (!)
  • Colorado reports that new Marijuana taxes bring in twice as much funds as alcohol taxes in the state. In New Mexico, that could mean more than $40 million in new revenue for the state.
  • New Mexico would save more than $33 million in costs associated with police, courts and corrections according to a presentation given to the Legislature.
  • In previous years, Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino (D-ABQ) has sponsored a Constitutional amendment for legalization, regulation and taxation.

Now we’re sending a message to gauge your support.

As legislators struggle to fill a $500 million state budget deficit resulting from an overreliance on oil and gas revenues, new efforts to diversify our economy are gaining steam: including Marijuana legalization.

In 2014, our team at ProgressNowNM partnered with the Drug Policy Alliance to give voters the first votes on Marijuana policy in New Mexico.  Voters in Albuquerque and Santa Fe voted overwhelmingly for eliminating criminal penalties for marijuana possession on the local level.


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