Last day to register to vote (or update your info) – 5 minutes online! 

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Oct. 11th (today) is the last day to register to vote in New Mexico. It also marks the first day of early voting in the state.

With so much emphasis on the national election dominating the media, we here at ProgressNow New Mexico want to encourage all our readers, fans, and followers to make sure that they’re prepared to help support the many progressive champions around New Mexico. Local elections matter and with the continued stalemate in Santa Fe it is more clear than ever that we have got to return the house to representatives who will resist the governor’s awful management of the state.

House republicans have held the state hostage since last week when they came to Santa Fe for a special session that was intended to address the state’s budget woes. However, at the behest of our failing governor Susana Martinez and her top level cronies in the Republican leadership, most of the work and effort shown so far has been put toward ridiculous “tough on crime” legislation, including a reinstatement of the death penalty. ICYMI, that’s the bill with medieval provisions calling for public examinations of women in open court.

The will of the people seems to be of no consequence to (republican) legislators who have cost the taxpayers of the state over $25,000 A DAY since the session convened Friday.

The state needs new leadership and YOU can help steer it in the right direction. Follow the link to register, change your voter registration, or share the link with friends and family around the state!