Suffragette Cities: New Mexico Women Wear White On Election Day

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White. Never to a wedding unless you are the bride. Generally, don’t wear white with a black bra. Please, not to a picnic; unless you want to look like an impressionist painting by the end of the day, then go right ahead.

While menstruating?! Are you serious? And never, NEVER wear white after Labor Day. EVER. Women know all the sacred rules for wearing white, and many follow them to the letter.

Unless you’re a suffragette. 

New Mexico has a strong history of women engaged in the struggle to gain the vote, going back to the time when New Mexico was a territory.

Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to run for President of the United States

Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to run for President of the United States

One-hundred and forty-four years since the Victoria Woodhull for President of the United States, (with Frederick Douglas as her running mate) the nation is poised to elect a woman to its highest office.

In New Mexico, women are underrepresented in every aspect of public and political life.  In 2015, 59.9% of New Mexico women were registered to vote, down from 62.4% in 2004. New Mexico women are not gaining strength in the political arena. Now more than ever it is important for women to vote in tomorrow’s presidential election. Wear white on Election Day, to commemorate the brave actions of the Suffragettes, who were jailed, force fed, beaten, humiliated and ostracized for fighting for the right to vote.

They wore white, to strike a visual blow to the cultural landscape and as a sign of the eventual victory to come. It would take decades before women of color could vote with their white female counterparts, yet they rallied to turn the tide in their favor as well.

No matter who you bubble in for your presidential choice on Tuesday, November 8, there’s a good reason to defy fashion norms to dress in white after Labor Day. Show your support for all of the women who fought for the right we need only show up to exercise.

Voting on Election Day? The polls are open from 7AM until 7PM. Click here to find your polling place.

It’s not too late to educate yourself on the candidates and the issues that are important to you, in the progressive movement.  Curious about the women running for the House and Senate across the nation? We are too. Here’s a summary of the candidates.

Now, get out there and VOTE, or volunteer!