National Anti-Choice Organization Takes Aim at New Mexico Providers

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We knew it wouldn’t take long for anti-choice zealots everywhere to start working to dismantle women’s access to healthcare under the new federal administration. Across the country, there have been reports of emboldened conservative groups rushing to pass repressive legislation.

This week a national anti-choice group called Operation Rescue sent a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office  “urging him to extend the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives into the next Congressional session.”

This was directly targeted at New Mexico.

Earlier this year a house select committee, headed by arch-conservative Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tn), sent New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas a request to investigate clinics in New Mexico. (You’ll remember that Blackburn is that congresswoman from Tennessee that deals in right-wing conspiracies and shares a penchant with some New Mexico republicans for not disclosing her campaign finances.)

Discredited and denounced local anti-choice group Protest Albuquerque has immediately started spreading the word to their small group of supporters through their website and in newsletters, claiming that they’ll be staging “strategic protests” directed at the AG’s office.

Protest Albuquerque has spent the year sending out grotesque mailers into democratic legislator’s districts and holding on tight to the prospect that the federal “witch hunt” against abortion providers would come to fruition. Unfortunately for them, they’ve failed. Again.

New Mexico just elected some of the most progressive legislators to ever come to the Roundhouse, dedicated to respecting and protecting women’s access to ALL healthcare. They are ready to fight for our ideals and principles which the new federal administration has threatened to dismantle.

A BIG part of that win came from YOUR support. When we put out the Call-to-Action for the Protest Albuquerque mailers back in July, we asked that you give what you could to help us publish our Progressive Voter Guide. Thanks to your support we sent out over 16,000 voter guides across the states into key districts and helped win back the House AND strengthen the Senate.

But we need to keep up the pressure going into 2017, especially with well-funded national groups like Operation Rescue ALREADY targeting our state with their propaganda.

Help us keep doing what we do best!