Trump considers New Mexico’s Heather Wilson for top of national intelligence spot

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Just when you thought you’d seen the last of Heather Wilson, she was expected to show up at Trump Tower today to talk to Team Trump about leading our nation’s sprawling intelligence apparatus.

NM Political Report: Heather Wilson in contact with Trump team over possible administration position

ProgressNow NM readers will remember Wilson for her connection to a “register a dog to vote” stunt ProgressNow uncovered in 2012.  During her unsuccessful run for US Senate, the husband of a Wilson campaign staffer registered their family dog to vote, as a Democrat, to prove that voter fraud could occur.  It proved that he could be prosecuted for it after ProgressNow outed the owners’ connections to Wilson’s campaign.

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Wilson is a Republican with a long history in New Mexico politics.  A former US Representative for New Mexico’s 1st district (Albuquerque area), Wilson gave up her seat to run for US Senate against Tom Udall in 2008.  Martin Heinrich, then a Democratic city councilor, won the Congressional seat and Wilson lost her Senate bid to Udall.

She later ran for Senate again against Martin Heinrich in 2012.

After Wilson left office, new questions emerged about her relationship with TruTouch technologies, an Albuquerque firm connected to tens-of-thousands of dollars in donations to Wilson’s campaign.  She helped the company get a large contract for a $100,000 sensor system later found sitting in a closet in the office of Sheriff Darren White, a close Wilson ally.

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The New Mexico Political Report has more on Wilson’s meeting with Trump.