On Tuesday, the Doña Ana County Commission passed the Unified Development Code yesterday, installing a more progressive vision for our future – thanks to progressives who showed up to add their support during public comment! You can learn more about why the UDC is a big deal by clicking here.

No matter what the issue is, ProgressNow New Mexico is dedicated to helping get the word out when it comes to getting involved in issues that matter to our state. As one of our strongest supporters said after the vote was announced,

“Thanks again for your good work on this! We won 3-2 and every communication made a difference!”

An excerpt from today’s Las Cruces Sun-News shows how important it was to have a good turnout from engaged citizens:

The final vote came down to County Commissioner David Garcia of the south county District 2, who’d announced going into the meeting that he was uncertain about how to vote. Two other commissioners favored the measure, while two others opposed it. And Garcia ultimately voted “yes.”

Afterward, Garcia said he was swayed by comments he’d heard that not taking action on the item would create uncertainty for people wanting to develop land going forward, if one ordinance was in place and another proposal was in a state of continual limbo.

We appreciate that you want to stay informed about what is happening around New Mexico. If you want to find out more about how you can get involved around the state or in your local community,check out our Progressive Action Summit planned in just a few weeks!


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Lucas Herndon

Lucas Herndon, Community Engagement Specialist and Communications Manager, ProgressNowNM (Las Cruces)

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