A Recap – Progressive Action Summit 2017

A Recap – Progressive Action Summit 2017

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A Recap – Progressive Action Summit 2017

Red River, and Raton, and Farmington, and Hobbs, oh my! People came from near and far on January 7th, for ProgressNow NM's first ever, Progressive Action Summit. The Summit was a j ...

Red River, and Raton, and Farmington, and Hobbs, oh my! People came from near and far on January 7th, for ProgressNow NM’s first ever, Progressive Action Summit. The Summit was a jam packed day of exactly that – action.

If you weren’t able to be with us, you might be wondering what happened:

  • 22 Community Organizations: delivered presentations, workshops or panels, concerning and or addressing current and or proposed legislation, while gathering awareness and support around their issue.
  • 22 Elected Officials: gave time out of their day to participate, present, engage with and respond to citizens and leaders from our communities.
  • 19 Potential Candidates: attended the Summit with interest in gaining knowledge and access to information, for means of what to expect, when they’re expecting to run.
  • 385 Attendees: spent over 8 hours, listening, creating dialogue around important issues, and pledging their support to and for action.
  • 13 Volunteers: gave up their Saturday to make sure that New Mexico continues to move forward in a progressive direction.
  • TOGETHER 33 Cities & Counties: from across New Mexico were represented in one act of solidarity, one pledge for progress, an entire day of ACTION.

ProgressNow New Mexico, Executive Director, Pat Davis welcomed everyone to the beginning of our day, and was followed by impassioned remarks by: United States Senator, Martin Heinrich, and Honorable Attorney General Hector Balderas.
(watch that video below)

Senator Heinrich urged attendees to remember that New Mexicans can and will “move the ball forward,” at the local level. He stressed the importance of local elections, and elected officials, and applauded New Mexico for its successes on election day.

Attorney General Balderas echoed sentiments of pride and thanks, not only for voters, but for small town business folks, and local educators. Balderas spoke to the hard work and dedication that these jobs take; Balderas just might find himself in quite the demanding position soon – one not in the A.G.’s  office, although there were no confirmations or announcements on Saturday.

Who Will Be Albuquerque’s Next Mayor?
The Summit gave us some insight to some of the possible choices we will have:

Mayoral hopefuls rolled into the room, and onto the stage on the 7th. Summit attendees heard from five potential candidates for the Mayor of Albuquerque.

Former Chairman of the Democratic Party Brian Colon, Former State Senator and current State Auditor Tim Keller, City Councilor Ken Sanchez, Former City Councilor Pete Dinelli, and Deanna Archuleta. Each of these folks spoke briefly about one “big idea” they have for Albuquerque, and how to move things forward.
(watch that video below)

It was a day filled with hope. The energy in the building was palpable – and action was taken. However, the work has only just begun.

Perhaps our NEW Secretary of State, the Honorable Maggie Tolouse Oliver said it best when she said, “We have a lot to be proud of here in New Mexico.” People cheered – she then said, “we need to always be thinking about the next thing.” We couldn’t agree more Madam Secretary, we couldn’t agree more.

*Secretary of State, Maggie Toulouse Oliver speaks about campaigns, access to voting, and voting rights.