Did You See The SIGNS? New Mexico Responds En Mass

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No, President Trump has NOT released his tax returns. Albuquerque residents did however release anger and creativity on January 19th, in preparation for this past weekend’s Women’s March on Washington event.

ProgressNow NM was out in numbers, both here in Albuquerque, and in the South end of the state, in Las Cruces. ProgressNow New Mexico’s Lucas Herndon can be seen below.

No matter where you were, you witnessed the collective power of concerned citizens, who are not taking the recent developments at a national level lightly. In fact, we are instead deciding to act. ProgressNow NM, is dedicated to keeping you informed about your opportunities to engage in community-action based events as often as possible.

Recently, artists were inspired to organize and create, together. Something simple was the idea: signs. There was a march coming up, and people needed to be seen and heard; organizers and local business owners answered the call and the rest can be credited to Central Features‘ owner, Nancy Zastudil and Richard Levy Gallery‘s, Richard Levy.

Central Features, which sits just above the Richard Levy Gallery, downtown – was the site for a recent Sign Making Gathering. Both business owners shared the passion and desire to lend a hand to the fight against Trump and combined for a powerful night.

“The place was packed for four solid hours. People brought food, drinks, and more supplies to share. I saw some of the greatest signs and phrases. Many people voiced how appreciative they were to gather with others to commiserate, laugh, and get focused for Saturday and beyond,” said Zastudil.

Zastudil has hit the organizing ground running, as of late. Having been heavily involved in the first two Artists’ Town Hall events, and helping to plan January 30th’s 3rd, she has emerged as a voice and leader in the “artivism” community.

When asked a bit about that, and about January 30th, Zastudil said:

“I don’t see this as just another group of concerned citizens that has formed after the election. Or even just another artists “meet up.” Those efforts are already in place and it is up to us to get connected and to get educated…I also hope the meetings can be an efficient platform for us to report back and get re-charged, to share with each other (and to hold each other accountable for) the work we are doing out in the world and in our other networks.”

So, come. Join us on January 30th, as we continue to approach ways to engage, act, and advocate for progress in New Mexico.

Participants will be able to:

Create: Create something quickly either in response to the topic(s) addressed by the presenter, or bring materials to work on something else.

Act: Gain info about current political issues and how artists can participate. This will be led by ProgressNow NM staff.

Connect: Meet potential studio collaborators, project partners, etc. Brainstorm, create, discuss, plan, perform.

AND – Give Feedback:  What are your expectations/desires for an Artists’ Town Hall? What issues or topics are you passionate about?

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