There are two reproductive health bills coming up this week that could impact women and their families in our communities.

On Tuesday afternoon February 21, the Senate Public Affairs Committee will hear SB 282, the Put Patients First Act, which ensures that hospitals cannot practice religious refusal to withhold reproductive health services women.

Then, on Friday, February 24 the Pregnant Worker Accommodation Bill, HB 179 is back for another round of hearings and testimony. It’s time to ensure that pregnant workers can continue to do their jobs and support their families by having access to reasonable accommodations for needs arising out of pregnancy.

READ MORE: The Pregnant Worker Accommodation Bill (HB 179) requires employers to provide “reasonable accommodations to women who are pregnant and must adjust duties that may challenge their health and their pregnancy.”

Click here to view the legislative schedule.

ProgressNow NM will be following these bills throughout the week. But be sure to join our rapid response team for Women’s Healthcare & Abortion Access below to be informed of any actions you can take to help support these (and other) important bills:

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