[Take Action] The GOP repeal of Obamacare really hurts New Mexico. Here’s how.

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Republicans’ new health-care bill is a mass transfer of income that cuts taxes for the wealthiest Americans while cutting federal benefits for the middle and working class.

Just two provisions in the Republican plan would allow the richest households to pay an average of nearly $200,000 less under the GOP plan, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center.

The Washington Post, March 7, 2017

The Republican plan for health insurance works exactly the opposite from the way insurance is supposed to work.

Under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), consumers pay less because premiums are set each year and your costs are capped if you get sick. And in New Mexico, making health care accessible has had a huge impact: the number of uninsured in New Mexico dropped by 41% under Obamacare and 33,000 New Mexicans get help paying for new coverage.

Did You Know? 235,000 New Mexicans gained health insurance through Medicaid.

Did You Know? New Mexico added more than 10,000 health care jobs since Obamacare began.

Under the Republican plan, insurance companies pay less, shifting the cost to the consumer through “cost-sharing” – essentially guaranteeing a financial catastrophe if you or someone in your family has a serious health condition next year.

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Even though Paul Ryan is rushing this bill through without any analysis on cost (remember when Republicans demanded a full fiscal score on the ACA before they would vote?), several third-party analysis have already been done.

Vox reports on a first analysis by 

If the bill were in effect today:

the bill for the average ACA enrollee would increase by $1,542 – $2,243 for families on ACA plans.

By 2020, when huge GOP tax cuts take full effect and Medicaid enrollment is frozen, your costs look like this:

Individual costs would increase by $2,049 – $2,243 for the average family

But, if your family includes someone aged 55-64, your family costs would increase by $10,591 because the GOP plan associates costs with age instead of spreading risk out among all users.

It’s even worse for the poor and working middle-class.

Families needing the most help – those making 250% of the poverty level – would see the largest hits to their incomes.

For New Mexico families of four making less than $60,756 a year (250% of poverty level and the state’s ACA enrollee guidelines), their health care bill would increase by $9,024.

All to give huge new tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans.

A new study published in the Washington Post shows how the top 1/10th of 1% of wage earners would save $196,000 a year through new tax cuts in the Republican plan.

Other provisions give tax credits and deductions to drug companies, medical device companies – there is even a special tax break for health care company CEOs.

(Most of) New Mexico’s Congressional delegation is fighting back.

Even though Democrats held 89 public hearings on Obamacare before a final vote, Republicans announced just two on their plan to repeal and replace it with this dumb plan.

Last week, New Mexico’s Ben Ray Lujan joined a marathon 20+ hour committee hearing in the House Energy & Commerce Committee. He proudly announced that Democrats would stay in the Committee “as long as it takes” to show the American people what a bad deal this bill is.

Watch: Ben Ray Lujan in House Committee hearing Paul Ryan’s repeal bill

Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham and Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich all stand opposed to this plan. But Steve Pearce, our lone Republican in Congress, says he wants the plan to go farther to the right (no surprise).

Steve Pearce, however, says TrumpCare doesn’t go far enough.  He’s a member of Congress’ super-right wing Freedom Caucus whose members are leading the charge to make TrumpCare more harsh.

So what to do?!

First, our elected leaders need to know we are watching and they need real stories from real New Mexicans they can share when they take to the floor for these debates.

Stand up for New Mexico and say “I won’t pay more for health care so the rich can pay less.”

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