Hidden among a list of 90+ bills she signed and vetoed on Thursday were two different vetoes of two different minimum wage increases, including one raising the state’s wage for workers up to $9.25.

While the country’s economy posted record low unemployment (4.5%) today – Thanks President Obama! – New Mexico still leads the country in unemployment at more than 6%.

At $7.50, New Mexico’s minimum wage is just .25-cents more than the Federal minimum wage but that translates to just $15,600 a year for a minimum wage worker. That’s far below the $10.25 minimum living wage in New Mexico.

Under Martinez and Lt. Gov. John Sanchez, New Mexico has consistently led the nation in unemployment, worker exodus and poverty and a recent report found that 7-in-10 infants are eligible for Medicaid because they are born to a family in poverty.

From the New Mexico Political Report:

“This bill was part of a wider effort in both chambers to provide increased opportunity to hardworking New Mexicans,” House Speaker Brian Egolf, D-Santa Fe, said in a statement Thursday night. “No one working 40 hours a week should be struggling to put food on the table, and this bill would have provided a fair shot for New Mexico families to get ahead. Securing a brighter future for all New Mexicans will continue being the priority of Democrats in the House and we will continue to push to make that a reality.”

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