Governor Martinez Vetoes The Pregnant Worker Accommodation Act
Governor Martinez vetoes The Pregnant Work Accommodation Act

Governor Martinez Vetoes The Pregnant Worker Accommodation Act

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Governor Martinez Vetoes The Pregnant Worker Accommodation Act

On Thursday night, Governor Martinez vetoed a bill that would have ensured the health and safety of pregnant women while at work.

Thursday night, Governor Martinez vetoed The Pregnant Worker Accommodation Act, a bill that would have required businesses make “reasonable accommodations” for expectant mothers in the workplace.While the Pregnancy Discrimination Act is already a federal law on the books that makes it unlawful to discriminate against pregnant women in the workplace, for being pregnant, The Workers Accommodation Act would have extended those protections to women working in companies with four or more employees.

READ MORE: The Pregnant Worker Accommodation Bill (HB 179) requires employers to provide “reasonable accommodations to women who are pregnant and must adjust duties that may challenge their health and their pregnancy.”

New Mexico Political Report:

The bill would require workplaces to provide “reasonable accommodations” to pregnant workers who ask for them. Sponsors and proponents of the bill have given examples of reasonable accommodations such as allowing pregnant women breaks to walk or to or drink water at their desks.

Women in the state make up 56% of the state’s labor force, a veto of the Pregnant Worker Accommodation Act by the Governor is just another act of betrayal against New Mexico women that will impact the economic stability of working women and their families for years to come.

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Take Action: Tell legislators to override the Gov’s vetoes: Gov. Martinez vetoed every college and university in New Mexico because the Senate won’t confirm her partisan nominee.

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When legislators convene they will have two options: override her vetoes or create a new budget.  Tell Legislators to send the governor a message by convening to override her vetoes, then go home.

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