Take Action: Tell legislators to override the Gov’s vetoes

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Governor Martinez created a $775 million deficit in the state budget this morning with spiteful vetoes including a tax package full of small fee and revenue increases supported by a majority of New Mexico voters and both chambers of the legislature.

Without those funds, she was forced to balance the budget by cutting funding for every college and university in New Mexico (actually true) – assuming that New Mexicans don’t need education, apparently.

Seven years of a Martinez/Sanchez administration have made New Mexico first in unemployment and poverty. Leveraging education and job training programs is no way to lead.

From the Albuquerque Journal:

SANTA FE — Gov. Susana Martinez has struck down a $350 million tax package proposed by the Democratic-controlled Legislature, setting the stage for a special session in the coming weeks.

The two-term Republican governor did sign a spending bill approved by lawmakers, but used her line-item veto authority to ax $774.8 million from the spending plan — including all funding for both New Mexico colleges and universities and the legislative branch.

And she didn’t hide her spiteful reason.  Martinez said she cut funding for colleges because the Senate didn’t confirm her partisan nominees to some state college regent boards.

From the NM Political Report:

The vast majority of the money vetoed by Gov. Susana Martinez came from vetoing all funding for New Mexico colleges and universities. She cited the Senate’s lack of hearings for nominations of regents for “several higher education institutions…”

Those vetoes will require a special session of the legislature to balance the budget and restore higher education.

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Take Action

When legislators convene they will have two options: override her vetoes or create a new budget.  Tell Legislators to send the governor a message by convening to override her vetoes, then go home.

Send your message to legislators with this quick action form (direct link)