Gov. in Las Cruces for Garth Brooks concert, shows up late to press conference, no time for questions

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Governor Martinez was in Las Cruces Monday after apparently “enjoying” the Garth Brooks concert over the weekend. Maybe that’s why she was 20 minutes late to her own press briefing?

But seriously, Martinez showed up late, only took a few questions and then had her staffer bully the press saying they were late, but she stopped to talk Garth Brooks with a political supporter (Debbi Moore of the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce)?! NO WONDER HER STAFFER COMES OVER AND TELLS HER TO TALK QUIETLY AND WRAP IT UP!

[fvplayer src=”” width=”620″ height=”1080″ controlbar=”yes”]Good thing ProgressNow New Mexico was there to cover things to the very end!

The gov. was speaking at the New Mexico State Police District Headquarters, supposedly to highlight that while vetoing almost everything else that came her way during this year’s legislative session, “at least” she didn’t cut public safety.

She also vetoed the entire legislative branch of government.

Ironically, she opened the press conference with this line: “The people of New Mexico need to be represented every single day in the legislature.” (Click here for the line).

That narrative wasn’t really picked up on even by local media… like at all.

During a VERY BRIEF Q&A after her prepared remarks, reporters asked mostly about Martinez slashing of the entirety of New Mexico’s higher education funding. Martinez provided “answers” in the form of completely ignoring the questions.

Here you can hear a reporter ask Martinez about taking funds from public education, reminding the gov that the state ranks 49th in education and “what proactive measures (is she)” taking to address the issue?

Instead of answering, she says that “We have a lottery program that actually pays for a student’s education.”

Click here to see video of Gov dodging the question

[fvplayer src=”” width=”620″ height=”1080″]Um, what? The reporter asked her about public education, K-12 schools that have lost much of their cash reserves under an incompetent PED, NOT about higher education.

Why did Martinez switch gears? Maybe she didn’t understand the question, or maybe she just didn’t want to talk about how she’s done nothing to improve New Mexico’s public schools during her tenure in office.

She goes on about universities raising their tuitions and that somehow that justifies taking money from the public schools. That sentence doesn’t even make sense, but then neither does the governor a lot of the time. And it got weirder. In one breath Martinez says that universities will raise their tuitions anyway and that, therefore, threatening their budgets is justified.

Gov. tells reporter that universities will raise tuitions anyway

But then right after she says she doesn’t want universities to “raise tuition on the backs of students.”

Click here to see Gov. say she DOESN’T want to raise tuitions

All in all, Gov. Martinez spoke very disingenously about her role in New Mexico’s financial crises, a crises that would be averted if she would sign off on the fair and balanced budget that the Legislature has already voted on and approved. Now more than ever we need our progressive champions to COME BACK to Santa Fe and vote to override her vetoes.