After facing criticism for leaving more than 200 bills unsigned on her desk while leaving the state to speak at a conference of Tennessee workers, Martinez surprised nearly everyone by coming back to the state to announce hundreds-of-millions of dollars in vetoes, including vetoes to the entire budgets of every state college and university and the entire budget of the legislature, a branch she admits in her veto message is supposed to be a co-equal branch of government.

The vetoed version of the budget includes line-item vetoes of the entire legislative budget.

Gov. Susana Martinez’s line-item veto of the entire legislature.


At $18.7 million, the budget for the entire branch of government amounts to just 0.03% of the state’s $6 billion budget.

Gov. also vetoes legislator memberships, keeps $100,000 in memberships for her out-of-state conferences and travel

Martinez also vetoed memberships and funds for travel for state legislators to attend legislative events but she kept more than $100,000 for her own memberships to governor’s conferences she frequently attends of out state at taxpayer expense, including the National and Western States Governors Associations.

Martinez vetoed legislative memberships, but kept her own to continue her out-of-state travel


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Funding for Gov. Martinez and Lt. Gov. Sanchez remains at full funding

Two departments not seeing the governor’s veto, however, were the offices of Lt. Gov. Sanchez and herself.  Together, they accounted for almost $3.8 million in funding the governor left uncut.

Seven years of the Martinez/Sanchez administration have made New Mexico number 1 in unemployment and poverty, but Martinez is demanding the legislature cut more from state programs including those helping create jobs and courts to keep us safe.

Just weeks ago, Lt. Gov. Sanchez (who also serves as president of the state senate) publicly praised Republican and Democratic leaders in the Senate for working in a bi-partisan way to pass a budget for the state.  He has remained silent on the governor’s vetoes of the legislature, schools and revenues to fund critical state programs.

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ProgressNow New Mexico called Martinez out earlier in the year after account records show that Martinez spent more than $200,000 renovating her own office, while calling for other agencies to tighten their belts, then vetoing hundreds-of-thousands of dollars for courts on the verge of canceling trials for accused criminals.

Governor’s Office Upgrades


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Take Action

When legislators convene they will have two options: override her vetoes or create a new budget.  Tell Legislators to send the governor a message by convening to override her vetoes, then go home.

Send your message to legislators with this quick action form (direct link)

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