Las Cruces Schools passes new policies protecting immigrant students; new Progressive Champions lead the way 

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This week the Las Cruces Public Schools Board of Directors UNANIMOUSLY passed two policy changes that cement rights and protections of immigrant students within the schools. And YOU helped make that happen by electing strong progressive champions for our LCPS Board.

“With little discussion, the LCPS Board of Education in two 5-0 votes, OK’d a resolution and a more-detailed policy outlining an immigrant-friendly stance. The board made it clear that school personnel will not ask about, collect data on or store data about students’ immigration status. Also, the superintendent’s office was directed to reject immigration agents’ requests to access school grounds, unless a judicial warrant is presented.”

Worth noting also is that this is a true policy change and not just a resolution. That means that teachers, staff, and administration will be actively trained in how to implement these strategies and given resources to seek further information. While many school districts across the country have taken steps in the past to help protect immigrant students, it appears LCPS new policy goes a step beyond most districts.

After ICE raids occurred around Doña Ana County in February, LCPS saw a spike in absences over the following days as families kept their children at home for fear of targeting by federal authorities. And while in theory federal law has always been on the side of students’ access to education, having a new policy on the books helps ensure students feel safe and welcome at school.

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This New Mexico Political Report details how the surge in ICE raids leaves families and communities living in a constant state of fear. 

What’s remarkable about this story is that progressive voters like you helped make this happen. In February, our Progressive Champions PAC endorsed Ray Jaramillo and Terrie Dallman, the two new candidates on the LCPS board, as well as the incumbent chair Maria Flores. These three board members and their two colleagues just helped create a great environment for students, teachers, and staff within the Las Cruces Public Schools.

It’s the continued effort of strong progressives that helps drive these grassroots successes across New Mexico. As we gear up for future elections, you can help keep us moving forward in a number of ways. Know someone who’d be a good elected leader? Send them our way. Hear about something happening in your area that needs to be addressed? Let us know! And of course, we couldn’t do the work we do in supporting strong progressive candidates without your financial support. You can always give by clicking HERE!