Election Day Alert: Doña Ana County Soil & Water on the ballot this Tuesday

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President Trump just announced a plan to “reevaluate” Obama-era national monuments and Congressional Republicans are working with Scott Pruitt to give oil and gas companies “more input” on rules governing our clean air and water.

Across the country, and especially here in New Mexico, local leaders are holding the line and the next fight is coming to the ballot box in Dona Ana County NEXT TUESDAY.

Our ProgressiveChampions PAC is working to put two progressive conservation champions on this board but we need YOUR VOTE!

Visit our Progressive Champions Voter Guide to find out more about them!

In 2014, local Tea Party leaders noticed that almost no one votes in local Soil & Water Conservation District elections, so they ran their own candidates and won enough seats to change their work from conserving public lands and water to opposing it.

They opposed the new monument. And wolf reintroduction. One year they spent a portion of their small annual budget hiring a lobbyist to work against BLM public planning process for responsible public lands use.

Then they passed a resolution endorsing the Tin Foil Hat “Agenda 21” theory that the UN is massing troops to take over the American government. Really.

Steve Pearce just got caught calling Tea Party voters to turn out to put more candidates like this on the board and we aren’t letting that happen.

It’s time we take this board back and put local leaders in charge who will stand up to Donald Trump and protect our local land and water heritage.

If you live in the City of Las Cruces (Zone 4) or in Zone 3 your vote for public lands counts.

2017 DASW e-flyer copy

WHAT: Doña Ana Soil and Water Conservation District Election

WHERE: Five voting centers across the county (See map above)

WHEN: May 2, 2017. 7am to 7pm

WHY: Because it matters!

It may be a small election, but getting two new, PROGRESSIVE, members onto the DASWCD board would be a big win for conservation in Doña Ana County. It also would show those that doubt our commitment to staying active and involved in opposing the Trump agenda which seeks to harm our environment and our very sense of democracy.