Senator Heinrich Ready to Question Comey about Russia Collusion and President Trump

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One New Mexican has a key role in Thursday’s scheduled Senate testimony by fired FBI Director James Comey.

New Mexico’s Senator Martin Heinrich sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee overseeing the Trump-Russian investigation. James Comey is set to testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee to answer questions of whether Trump pressured him to end the FBI investigation into Russian collusion with Trump’s campaign and family.

 If Trump did pressure Comey, that could constitute obstruction of justice and an impeachable offense for Trump and a big criminal problem for others involved.

You can watch that testimony HERE thanks to PBS, a programming network that the current administration has done work to defund during President Trump’s first year in office.

The American people have witnessed a firestorm of allegations and news stories surrounding: former/fired FBI Director James Comey, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, top Adviser Jared Kushner, and former/also-fired National Security Director Michael Flynn, just to name a few.

Catch up on the timeline and key developments in this story before the hearing. Politico has provided such a handy tool, here.

There are numerous implications when it comes to the possible collusion with Russia.

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In May, when Comey was let go, Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s Hardball spoke with Senator Heinrich to get his reaction to the firing:

There are a lot of things to be unsure of right now. The current administration has stirred the pot of what Americans knew to be – and now we are wondering what the future holds for: education, healthcare, marriage equality and equal rights.