One more reason for NM Women to join the Resistance
Women's March, New Mexico, 2017

One more reason for NM Women to join the Resistance

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One more reason for NM Women to join the Resistance

Birth control has meant that women have more opportunity and better control over their own lives. We've made important progress for women's health. The rate of unintended pregnancy ...

Just a few weeks ago, the current resident of the White House signed an executive order that would allow employers, schools, and other entities to refuse to cover women’s preventative health services – including birth control – in their insurance plans all under the guise of religious liberty.

Trump Just Signed Another Executive Order. It’s an Attack on Women. | Mother Jones

We know that this has nothing to do with religious liberty – it has everything to do with the administration’s vendetta against women and their backroom vows to the wealthy and well-connected to kill the Affordable Care Act as we know it.

Under the Obama administration, even if your employer objected to birth control, a woman was guaranteed to still have it covered by her insurance company at no out-of-pocket cost. This rule changes that. This rule would mean no matter where she works, from private universities to huge, publicly-traded companies, any woman across the country could be denied insurance coverage for birth control based on whether her employer objects to it.

Plain and simple, a woman’s most basic and personal of decisions – when and if to have a child – could now be impacted by her boss. Again, this is not about religious liberty – this is about restricting women’s access to basic health care.

Birth control has meant that women have more opportunity and better control over their own lives. We’ve made important progress for women’s health. The rate of unintended pregnancy is at an all-time low, thanks in part to expanded access to birth control. People in this country, and especially New Mexico, do not want to see that progress rolled back.

For many women, birth control would now be out of reach because it’s simply too expensive.

That’s why it’s time to take a stand. We cannot simply sit by while our basic access to birth control is under threat. To add insult to injury, an all-male panel in the Senate is meeting behind closed doors to determine the future of women’s health in America.

You heard that right – a panel of men are the ones making the decision that will affect women across our nation.

Are you mad? You should be.

Now let’s take a stand and harness this anger into action. Stay tuned!  Next month in Las Cruces, we will be hosting another Progressive Summit, where we will be discussing actions to take to resist these archaic and dangerous movidas the administration is trying to pull on us. Keep your eyes peeled for that announcement and get your tickets when and while you can!