As a progressive organization, we find equity and justice at the route of all the things we focus on.

All around New Mexico this weekend, communities will celebrate PRIDE. A gathering of the masses – a show of awareness and support in regards to the resilience, courage, and beauty that our friends in the LGBTIQ community “march” with, everyday!

We bounced around the internet, thanks to some helpful friends and partners, and were able to compile a short list of different events taking place all over the state – click the links below to find the event near you. If you know of an event in your area please share it with us here: 


Albuquerque – at – you will find a full run down of events that includes and is not limited to: a candle light vigil, art show, parade/march, and resist rally – all rolled into the PRIDE festivities.

Santa Fe – in Santa Fe, there will be an LGBT March on New Mexico –

Deming – If you’re down South in Deming or near there, you have until July 21st to tune in and get involved, as they will be celebrating not this week but two weeks from now.

As we find other events, and approach the weekend, we will update this post and our messaging with any and all available information and opportunities that we can, so that we can all get out in support of each other. We here at ProgressNow New Mexico know that it is important to walk the walk of solidarity. We work in support of the building of safe and equitable communities for all. This weekend we will march in the Pride Parade in proud support of our LGTBQ friends and family, brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends. We hope to see you there.

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