What your ovaries need to know…

What your ovaries need to know…

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What your ovaries need to know…

We’d like to take this opportunity to ensure that you and your ovaries are up to date on any new potential laws and studies that could impact your ability to decide what you do wit ...

Although it’s 2017, it seems like there is a new rule restricting women’s access to reproductive healthcare popping up every single day. Unfortunately, this is no longer surprising because of the growing cadre of men in Washington D.C. that are anti-women and anti-abortion. Of course, we can’t leave out the current resident of the White House that has been adding fuel to this fire since day one.

With that being said, we’d like to take this opportunity to ensure that you and your ovaries are up to date on any new potential laws and studies that could impact your ability to decide what you do with them – and yes – we also want to make sure that our non-ovary carrying allies are up to date too.

The current Senate version of the AHCA defunds Planned Parenthood, which will prevent people who are below the federal poverty line from using Medicaid to access preventative care at Planned Parenthood locations. Par for the course for their shenanigans, Republicans in the Senate have been meeting behind closed doors planning the future of women’s reproductive health.

Our friends at the ABQ Free Press gave us the latest scoop: Restrictions on abortion coverage and Planned Parenthood

The senators are actively considering two measures that would limit funding for abortions, though it is not clear if either would be allowed to remain in the bill according to the Senate’s rules. The Senate Parliamentarian, who must review the bill after the senators complete it but before it comes to the floor, will decide.

The House-passed bill would ban the use of federal tax credits to purchase private coverage that includes abortion as a benefit. This is a key demand for a large portion of the Republican base.

But the Senate version of the bill must abide by strict rules that limit its content to provisions that directly impact the federal budget. In the past, abortion language in budget bills has been ruled out of order.

On a brighter – but not surprising – note, a recent Guttmacher Institute report found that at least 10 of the most common categories of state anti-abortion laws fly in the face of science. These harmful bills run the gamut from restrictions that target providers to counseling and waiting periods. These are the report highlights:

Flouting the Facts: State Abortion Restrictions Flying in the Face of Science

  • At least 10 major categories of abortion restrictions—including measures based on claims of protecting a woman’s health—lack a foundation in rigorous scientific evidence.
  • These restrictions include unnecessary regulations on abortion facilities and providers, counseling and waiting period requirements that belie the scientific evidence, and laws based on false assertions about when fetuses can feel pain.
  • Three in 10 of all U.S. women of reproductive age live in one of the 17 states with at least five of the types of restrictions that conflict with the science; more than half live in a state with at least two of these types of laws.

We know that it seems like we are being attacked from every angle, but women know how to fight and move forward. Our determination as New Mexicans has shown us repeatedly that we will not be silenced or sidelined. In fact, women in New Mexico have always shown that they have the determination to not only survive the onslaught of these types of harmful laws, but also the resilience to create a better future for our daughters, nieces, and sisters.

Stay up to date on state and federal laws that could affect your ovaries and join the movement that our friends at Respect NM Women are helping lead.