Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) desperately wanted to have the US Senate vote on healthcare repeal before the July 4th recess because he was afraid that healthcare supporters (everyone but the 12% of Americans who approve of the bill) would have time to organize opposition.

It turns out he was right, and for good reason.

As healthcare experts and advocacy groups learn more about the bill, the worse the plan looks for average Americans, including hundreds-of-thousands of New Mexicans who would lose access to care.

Need a quick update?  Here are three simple stats that explain just what the Republican Senate healthcare bill would mean to New Mexicans.

The Senate Bill (BRCA) would increase New Mexico’s uninsured rate by 176%.

Urban Institute. Click for full data


440,000+ New Mexican adults and36,000 children would be uninsured in just 5 years if the BRCA becomes law.  Just 12% of New Mexicans would be uninsured (and dropping) by then under the current law. That number would skyrocket back to more than 1-in-3 uninsured under the proposed Senate plan.

Read more from the Urban Institute.

760,000 New Mexicans with employer coverage could be required to pay for emergency care out of their pocket.

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760,000 New Mexicans get their healthcare from their employer says the state’s Superintendent of Insurance.  Those plans could cost more and provide less under the Senate Plan.

If you think the Senate plan doesn’t impact you because you get your healthcare from your employer, think again.  The BRCA allows states to obtain a waiver from requirements that health plans cover essential health benefits including emergency ambulance rides, prescription drugs, and emergency surgery costs.

Imagine having insurance and ending up on the side of the road after an auto accident and learning that you have to pay out-of-pocket for your ambulance, surgery, and drugs because your employer-provided policy you pay premiums on every month only covers your annual checkup.

And even if New Mexico doesn’t waive those rules, New Mexico companies could still decrease your coverage says Matthew Fiedler, a health policy analyst for the Brookings Institute:

But waivers’ effects could also cross state lines and weaken these protections for people covered by large employer plans in every state.[1]  Under current regulations, large employer plans are allowed to choose the definition of essential health benefits in effect in any state in the country for the purposes of determining the scope of these protections against catastrophic costs. If the Trump Administration maintains that approach as it implements the BCRA and even one state uses the waiver process under the BCRA to set a lax definition of essential health benefits, then these protections against catastrophic costs could be weakened or effectively eliminated for people working for large employers nationwide.


3,000 New Mexico veterans who depend on Medicaid would lose healthcare under the Senate plan.

If by now you still aren’t convinced the Senate bill is mean enough, consider the 459,000 American veterans who lose healthcare through Medicaid under the Republican plan.

3,000 of those are New Mexico veterans who served and survived to return here to the Land of Enchantment.

Center for American Progress. Click for more detail.


So, what do we do?!

New Mexico’s Senators, Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich, are 100% against this bill so we don’t need to change their minds.

But there are tens-of-thousands of New Mexicans who voted for Trump and are defending the repeal who don’t understand what it actually does.

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