The results are in. According to Fiscal Note, a data mining and analysis company that developed a platform they’ve dubbed the (GRM), or, the Government Relations Management platform, recently released a list of the Top 50 most effective U.S. State Legislators.

Fiscal Note which supplies more than 200 companies with data relating to more than 1.5 million pieces of legislation annually, used a recent platform they developed, to figure out who is getting the job done best in each of our 50 states.

The platform used 12 factors to produce an algorithm rating Legislators on a number of things including their individual ideologies, but most importantly their ability to guide legislation through its entire process and into law.

Progressive Champion State Senator Mimi Stewart got the nod in the Land of Enchantment. What may be most interesting to New Mexicans is that Senator Stewart wasn’t evaluated against her national counterparts, but compared instead to her New Mexican colleagues.

Sen. Stewart presented her 2017 legislative agenda to attendees of ProgressNowNM’s Progressive Summit in Albuquerque in January which included a panel on her proposal to crack down on wildlife trafficking.

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Sen. Stewart (formerly a State Representative) has been a consistent champion for health care reform, renewable energy and homeowner rights, and she is widely regarded as one the legislature’s foremost experts on public education policy and funding.

In releasing the report, Fiscal Note also made the point that U.S. State Legislators are incredibly important when it comes to change in our communities, pointing out that 30-40 percent of the legislation introduced by State Legislators is signed into law, a far cry from federal numbers in regards to legislation introduced and passed.

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