As progressives, it feels as though we’ve been getting hit from all sides lately – which is exactly why we need to CELEBRATE OUR VICTORIES!

Many of you will recall that our partners at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains recently announced the consolidation and closing of a few health centers in order to ensure that they can continue to provide excellent care for us in the long term.

The GOOD NEWS is that they just announced that their Farmington location will remain open!

“We are elated by the community recognition of the role that Planned Parenthood health centers play in helping to support healthy families in Farmington, and are proud to be able to continue serving patients in this community.

We cannot begin to express our gratitude to the people of Farmington and their commitment to reproductive health care access in New Mexico. We know how important access to reproductive care is for our rural communities, and today we celebrate being able to keep this health center open, thus ensuring access to care for women, men, and young people in Farmington and the surrounding areas.”

–Vicki Cowart, President, and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains

This is something that will be great for women, families, and the economy in Farmington. Yes, this victory may seem bittersweet because the Rio Rancho and Nob Hill locations will be closing in September – but we still need to celebrate this as the win it is!

Ensuring that we have a Planned Parenthood Health Center in Farmington is also great for the progressive movement in New Mexico.

As we look at our state and really think about areas that are still red – having Planned Parenthood remain open in Farmington truly means so much. It means that there are people in Farmington that believe that the personal decision about abortion needs to remain with New Mexican women, their families, and their medical providers.

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