Support this! “Cannabis Revenue and Freedom Act” just filed in NM

Last week Representatives Bill McCamley and Javier Martinez introduced House Bill 89, the Cannabis Revenue and Freedom Act, that would make marijuana available for recreational use in New Mexico. With the overwhelming evidence that states with legal pot can create new and lucrative revenue streams for public works, HB 89 is a win-win for New Mexico.

Will 2017 be the year marijuana is legalized in New Mexico?

Rep. Bill McCamley of Las Cruces is hoping that the fourth time is the charm when it comes to legalizing marijuana for recreational use in New Mexico. “On the house side, Republicans have controlled the House of Representatives for the last two years and they’ve killed this. I mean, they’ve not let this out for discussion. I’ve introduced this three separate times.” McCamley said today in a press conference in Las Cruces.

Why the Doña Ana County Commission’s vote tomorrow is a REALLY BIG deal.

Earlier this year, President Obama asked cities and counties to think about how they could use local zoning and development ordinances to address inequality in everything from housing to income. UPDATE [Dec. 14]: DAC Commission passed progressive new vision for development

The idea: local governments across the country affect national growth through “Not in My Backyard” type initiatives, known as NIMBY legislation. City and county governments are often at the whim of small, special interest groups who can and do lobby to keep certain types of growth from occurring for their own benefit. This disproportionately affects affordable housing, access to good paying jobs, and medical access.

Did New Mexico women just shatter a glass ceiling in the legislature?

Wait, did New Mexico Democrats just shatter a glass ceiling by electing an all-women leadership? New Mexico Democrats might have just set an amazing precedent and shattered an insanely huge glass ceiling for women in leadership roles around the country. Three top positions within the Democrat’s new majority leadership are being occupied by women. Not only that but Sheryl Williams Stapleton, an African American, Doreen Gallegos, a Latina, and Doreen Wonda Johnson, a member of the Navajo Nation, are all women of color from very different parts of New Mexico — potentially creating THE most diverse caucus leadership team in American history. Nationwide women only make up 24.2% of state legislators despite representing nearly 51% of the overall population.

GOP Land Commish says oil companies “too poor” to pay rent, but their CEOs fund $500,000 in new attack ads against Dems

The Oil and Gas industry says they can’t afford to keep paying their rent to New Mexico because of the drop in energy prices so Republican State Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn directed his office on Monday to allow companies to skip paying the rent they owe the state to lease public land for drilling. “The beneficiaries of state trust lands — mainly the public schoolchildren of New Mexico — will be better served if wells are temporarily shut in, rather than producing at a lower price,” Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn told KOB. Hold on there Mr. Dunn: aren’t those big oil and gas companies shelling out HUGE amounts of political donations to bankroll negative attack ads against Democrats around the state? According to, Big Oil has contributed $942,495 to candidates directly in New Mexico so far this year (again, just for candidates).  

And Republicans have received the lion’s share of Big Oil money in 2016, no surprise.

Republican death penalty “selfie” pic going viral

A shockingly callous image of house republicans posing for a macabre selfie before passing highly contentions legislation (in the middle of the night) to reinstate the death penalty is already going viral. The image was first captured by Matthew Reichbach of the New Mexico Political Report who Tweeted it out at 12:40 am Thursday. Before they take up the death penalty bill, a selfie. #nmleg #nmpol
— Matthew Reichbach (@fbihop) October 6, 2016
It was then shared by Representative Javier Martinez after hours of debate on the proposed death penalty bill and shared to his Facebook and Twitter. It has been shared hundreds of times since on both Facebook and Twitter.

BREAKING: Atty Gen and SecOfState both open separate investigations into Rep. Andy Nuñez campaign accounts

Say it ain’t so! New Mexico’s Attorney General is reviewing irregularities in the campaign accounts of State Rep. Andy Nuñez after ProgressNow New Mexico filed a complaint outlining more than 40 different instances where Nuñez reported using his campaign cash to provide himself cash payments, travel to official events reimbursable by taxpayers (double-dipping) and purchases of power tools, truck parts and repairs to his personal office. Looking at Nuñez’ campaign finance reports for the last few years, we found some pretty glaring violations of state campaign laws. The New Mexico Constitution prohibits legislators from receiving any additional compensation beyond that provided by per diem authorized to attend official meetings. **UPDATE, Oct 6, 2016, 4:31 pm** After news of our August complaint was reported earlier today by the Las Cruces Sun-News, ProgressNow was contacted by by a citizen watchdog from the community of Hatch, New Mexico where Nunez also serves as mayor. This alert citizen was also concerned with the irregularities in Nunez’ financial reporting and had filed her own complaint with the Secretary of State’s office.

Last day to register to vote (or update your info) – 5 minutes online! 

Oct. 11th (today) is the last day to register to vote in New Mexico. It also marks the first day of early voting in the state. With so much emphasis on the national election dominating the media, we here at ProgressNow New Mexico want to encourage all our readers, fans, and followers to make sure that they’re prepared to help support the many progressive champions around New Mexico. Local elections matter and with the continued stalemate in Santa Fe it is more clear than ever that we have got to return the house to representatives who will resist the governor’s awful management of the state.