5 Things Steve Pearce Gets Wrong About Planned Parenthood and Women’s Reproductive Rights

It’s no secret Congressman Steve Pearce gets a lot wrong — from immigration to land rights and everything in between. But when it comes to women’s reproductive health his alternative facts are in another league. Here are 5 things he just doesn’t understand about Planned Parenthood and the reproductive rights of all New Mexicans.

Felony charges for anti-abortion activists who filmed “heavily edited” Planned Parenthood videos

Everyone but the far-right radicals who used these recordings to initiate spurious investigations into abortion providers knew the videos were doctored to falsely portray the doctors and staff of these Planned Parenthood clinics. Now, the legal system is vindicating those facts.

[Take Action] Three Big Abortion Bills Coming to the Roundhouse This Week

Three abortion access bills will be heard in the Roundhouse this Thursday that threaten the reproductive choices of New Mexico women, their privacy, a woman’s right to decide — and there’s something you can do about it.