Pick a Mayoral Forum and get there – #WhoWeElectMatters – #ABQvotes

There are dozens of candidate forums between now and Election Day and our new #ABQvotes project pulls them all together so you can find one (or more) on your issue or near you.

PRIDE Events Around New Mexico – Supporting Our LGTBQ Communities

We here at ProgressNow New Mexico know that it is important to walk the walk of solidarity. We work in support of the building of safe and equitable communities for all. This weekend we will march in the Pride Parade in proud support of our LGTBQ friends and family, brother and sisters, neighbors and friends. We hope to see you there.

Congressman Pearce is actually coming to the district!? 5 things you should know before you go

But, Pearce has scheduled a last-minute town hall meeting TOMORROW, March 4th, in Ruidoso. Situated in the heart of Lincoln County, which Pearce won by nearly 75% in 2016, the meeting is likely intended to bolster his image by catering to his base. Scheduled for 9 am on a Saturday, such a meeting is obviously not intended to be very accessible.

Public Lands Rally 2017: Public Lands are NOT for sale in New Mexico

Over 500 New Mexicans rallied around the Capital in support of Public Lands on Wednesday, brought together by the threats of Trump administration supporters who are calling for federal lands to be sold off to the highest bidder.

The overwhelming response from those in attendance and the legislators who spoke in the rotunda: Not in New Mexico.