VIDEO: NM GOP Trains Poll Workers to Suppress Votes

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VIDEO: GOP Caught Training Poll Challengers in Illegal Voter Suppression Tactics
Republican trainees could compromise integrity of November election
Update (10/9/12):  New Mexico Attorney General Gary King launched an investigation into these tactics after our video and report were shared with his office.  Read his official statement online. UPDATE (10/5/2012): We spoke with representatives from Adelante Development Center today who informed us that 1) Adelante did not sponsor the trainings 2) Adelante does not endorse the actions taken by the Republican Party during the trainings and 3) Adelante was not aware the Republican Party and Tea Party were publicizing their poll challenger trainings as being held at Adelante (Adelante simply rents space at their properties to a variety of organizations). The Adelante representatives we spoke to told us they would be contacting the Republican Party and Tea Party representatives to make sure the Adelante name is not associated with any further trainings. Update (10:04am MT): New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce tells The Nation that he was aware of the training and supports it, even though he knows some tactics are illegal.  Also says this is the way the GOP will take back New Mexico.

Voter Suppression New Mexico


Sec of State Set to Terminate Right to Vote For NM’s Leading Voting Rights Activist After 40 Years of Active Voting



Albuquerque — Diane Wood has voted in every New Mexico election since 1971, but this week New Mexico Secretary of State Diana Duran began the process to terminate her right to vote.  
Just 9 days ago, Duran announced that an analysis by her office had identified 177,768 “non-residents and non-voters”  (a full 15% of the state’s registered voters) whose voting rights would be terminated after a mailing to those legally registered voters was completed.  
Among the first to receive a mailer was none other than Santa Fe resident Diane Wood, the Voting Rights Director for Common Cause New Mexico, a non-profit organization working to ensure fair and accurate elections in the state.  
Wood received a notice in the mail at her Santa Fe home on Tuesday.  The notice directs Wood to verify her voting status with the Secretary of State’s own database, “Voter View” .  
However, when Wood checked her voting status there, she found that her status had been changed to “INACTIVE” in this mail purge alongside a list all of the elections she has voted in since 1992, a total of 44.  Wood’s most recent vote was just 88 days before she received the notice sent to alleged non-voters.

SOS Third Party Suppression

NM Secretary of State “data error” kicks Libertarian and Independent off ballot

Voter Suppression in New Mexico Under Dianna Duran

March 2011:  
SOS claims to have found 64,000 illegally registered voters through database match with MVD license records.   Duran later withdrew the claim after she could not provide evidence of her claim. 
June 2012:  
SOS eliminates straight party voting, a voting method used by 41% voters (approximately 250,000) in the last election.  
July 2012:  
Duran joins others Secretaries of State asking for access to federal immigration databases to compare to state voter rolls.  News reports later report that the database cannot be used to accurately identify voters.  
August 2012:  
Duran inactivates 177,000+ registered voters for being non-residents or non-voters.  Among those to first receive the purge notice is the state’s voting rights director, a lifelong resident and voter.  
August 2012: 
SOS bars Libertarian and IAP candidates from the ballot after her office accidentally disqualified hundreds of valid nominating signatures.  The Libertarian candidate is restored after a hand review.  The SOS’s office refused to conduct that search for the IAP candidate.  

New Mexico’s Republican Secretary of State has gone to extraordinary lengths to exclude conservative-leaning minority parties from November’s general election, a move that bolsters razor-thin margins for Republican Heather Wilson in the upcoming US Senate race unless a legal challenge can overcome it.

Secretary of State Launches Voter Caging Effort In Final Days of Registration Period

Yes, New Mexico Has A Voting Fiasco Already.  

Secretary of State Diana Duran’s Voter Registration Debacle has gone national. According to The Nation magazine’s Voting Rights Watch 2012: “New Mexico Runs Out of Voter Registration Forms– If registering online isn’t your thing, you might have a hard time doing it in person in New Mexico… six counties have run out of English language registration forms. Secretary of State Diana Duran-the first Republican to hold that office in eighty years-is ultimately responsible for printing and making the forms available to register new voters.”  

Though the Secretary of State had been unable to print voter registration cards, New Mexico learned this week that the Secretary of State managed to print and mail over 177,000 postcards to voters who Duran believes are inactive and will not vote in the fall election.

Chicken Little in the Voting Booth: The Non-Existent Problem of Non-Citizen “Voter Fraud”

For Immediate Release
Chicken Little in the Voting Booth
The Non-Existent Problem of Non-Citizen “Voter Fraud”
July 13, 2012

Washington, D.C. – Without much evidence to support their claim, legislators across the country have introduced a string of restrictive voter ID laws with the intention of curbing “voter fraud.” The only problem is that there is no problem. Election experts agree that modern-day voter fraud is a very rare occurrence in the U.S., leaving many to speculate that supporters of these restrictive laws are using “voter fraud” legislation to disenfranchise large groups of voters–i.e. racial minorities, immigrants, and low-income voters–who may vote for the “wrong” candidate. Today, the Immigration Policy Center releases an updated Fact Check that dispels the myth of voter fraud and provides much-needed context to this “solution in search of a problem”:

“At least 180 restrictive bills introduced since the beginning of 2011 in 41 states,” according to the Brennan Center for Justice. Bills requiring voters to show photo identification in order to vote were signed into law in Alabama, Kansas, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

Secretary Duran, Do You Want People To Vote Or Not?

5 July 2012
by Alex Curtas



Secretary Duran, Do You Want People To Vote Or Not?  
Secretary of State and Doña Ana County Clerk Raise Illegitimate Concerns About Legitimate Voter Registration Drive


ALBUQUERQUE – A non-profit voter registration group drew the ire of the Secretary of State and the Doña Ana County Clerk earlier this week for…wait for it…trying to get more New Mexicans registered to vote.  



The Voter Participation Center (VPC) mails the official, federal National Voter Registration Application from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission to unregistered voters in New Mexico with the goal of increasing democratic participation. The forms are to be filled out by citizens who want to vote (and are eligible to do so) and sent back not the VPC but directly to state or local elections officials. Basically, the VPC is mailing out registration cards and leaving the rest up to the voter.

IRONY ALERT: District Attorney Runs Afoul of Election Laws

12 April 2012Law-and-Order District Attorney Vowsto Investigate all Violations of the LawWhat will she do now that she’s the one in violation?  UPDATE (4/12/12): ProgressNow New Mexico has submitted a formal complaint to Attorney General Gary King requesting that his office inititate an investigation into the Comitttee to Elect Amy Orlando’s potential violations of New Mexico’s Campaign Reporting Act. We will keep you updated on any further developments with this story as we become aware of them. (Scroll down below the mailer in order to view our letter to the Attorney General) LAS CRUCES – As Doña Ana County District Attorney, Amy Orlando is used to seeing the inside of a courtroom.  But a recent political mailer from her campaign may give her a totally new perspective: That of criminal defendant. A recent mailer from Orlando to prospective voters and supporters failed to disclose the name of the person or group behind printing the mailer. (Scroll down to read the mailer)  The mailer is an invitation to attend a fundraiser headlined by Governor Susana Martinez on Friday. Ms. Orlando was handpicked by Governor Susana Martinez, the former Doña Ana County District Attorney, to succeed her in the post after Martinez was sworn-in as governor in 2011. Similarly, Orlando’s campaign website,, fails to disclose the person or group responsible for paying for and publishing the site.

NM House candidate ballot scheme uncovered

UPDATE (Apr 29): The Albuquerque Journal reports that the NM Supreme Court upholds District Court ruling that Luevano cannot run for HD16. UPDATE (Apr 11): On Monday, April 9th District Court Judge Alan Malot ruled that Johnny Luevano — the prospective candidate ProgressNow New Mexico first revealed as being ineligible to run for state office — was, in fact, not eligible to run as a candidate in District 16 and ordered that his name be stricken from the ballot. Judge Malot ruled that Mr. Luevano did not meet the residency requirements to run for state office because Mr. Luevano did not possess a certificate of occupancy for his Rio Rancho property by the March 6th deadline. UPDATE (Mar 22, 9:45 am): Bernalillo County Clerk Maggie Toulouse Oliver tells ProgressNow NM that she has referred the case of GOP State House candidate Johnny Luevano to the Sheriff and a criminal investigation is underway. On Tuesday, ProgressNow NM reported that Luevano had registered to vote and declared his candidacy for State House in a district where he did not live.

BREAKING: Heather Wilson’s Staff Linked to Illegal Voter Registration Scheme




BREAKING:  Heather Wilson’s Staff Linked to Illegal Voter Registration Scheme



Albuquerque —  ProgressNow New Mexico has discovered that senior staff from Republican Heather Wilson’s US Senate campaign are connected to a recent illegal voter registration stunt in Albuqueruque.  



One day after Thomas Tolbert announced that he had illegally registered his dog to vote in New Mexico, ProgressNow NM discovered that the dog actually belongs to Wilson senior staffer Heather Wade and Tolbert, who went public to announce his illegal deed, is her husband.  

On February 20, 2012 Tolbert approached a voter registrar at UNM and asked to register to vote.  According to an interview he gave to KOB-TV, he created a false social security number and date of birth and used his dog’s name “Buddy” to complete the application to vote.  Tolbert then signed the form under the statement “I swear or affirm… that all information I have provided is correct.”  

ProgressNow has called on Bernalillo County Sheriff Dan Houston and UNM Police Chief Kathy Guimond to launch an investigation into alleged voter registration fraud, a 4th degree felony in New Mexico.

ProgressNow NM Calls for Investigation Into Willful Voter Registration Fraud

1 March 2012
by Alex Curtas

Can You Believe This?  
Albuquerque Man Admits to Willful Act of Voter Registration Fraud

ALBUQUERQUE – In a wanton and willful display of voter registration fraud, an Albuquerque man admitted to registering his dog “Buddy” to vote on February 20, 2012 on the University of New Mexico’s main campus. Such action could constitute a violation of NMSA 1-20-3 and would thus be punishable as a 4th degree felony in the state of New Mexico.  



The unnamed Albuquerque man was quoted by KOB Eyewitness News 4 as saying, “[I] made up a birth date, and I made up a social security number and I had a voter registration card in my hand for Buddy two weeks later.”  



ProgressNow New Mexico was saddened to learn that an area resident would display such blatant disregard for election law.