The National Parks Service Keeps it 100. But, getting people of color and LGBTQ folks into the woods is still an elusive goal


Celebrate good times, come on! The National Park Service turns 100 years old this weekend. From exploding geysers at Yellowstone to the silent battlefields at Gettysburg,  400 of the 412 national parks will be free to the public from August 25 through August 28. New Mexico boasts 18 national parks, including the Gila National Forest – the world’s first designated wilderness. The National Park Service encourages everyone to Find Your Park this weekend and to enjoy our national monuments, parks and wildlife preserves.

Mike Who? 3 reasons NM voters will never want to have a beer with Trump’s veep

It takes a pretty special person to be Donald Trump’s… well, anything. 
Most candidates pick a running mate for the voters they can bring out to the polls. So who is Mike Pence? Why are politicos calling him Trump’s least worst choice and who in New Mexico would actually vote for him? Don’t know Mike Pence? Don’t worry, we follow right-wing politics so you don’t have to.

#Enough. Here’s how ABQ is responding to mass-LGBT shootings in #Orlando

Saturday marked 40 years for Albuquerque’s Pride Parade and the turning of another decade of progress for equality in our country. But, less than two years after the historic Supreme Court decision recognizing the right to marry across the country, religious and political extremists are finding expanding support for their hatespeech rhetoric targeting the LGBTQ community. As New Mexicans woke up this morning ready to bring to a close the final day of Pride Week, we woke up to news of the largest mass shooting in American history: a 3-hour “terrorist style” shooting of partiers at one of Orlando’s largest LGBTQ clubs which has also served as a resource center and political organizing point for pro-equality advocates in that Florida community.

As investigators sort through the shooter’s past, what is clear is this:

The shooter’s family says he held a particular disdain for same sex couples
The shooter allegedly claimed some allegiance to ISIS extremist



Albuquerque is coming together to honor the victims and demand action in response to the mass shooting targeting LGBTQ residents and supporters in Orlando. Several groups are posting different social media events and posts pushing everyone to a united community event tonight in ABQ.

[Action Alert] New Mexico Denny’s serves up hot plate of discrimination to LGBTQ customers

News out of Deming, New Mexico: last summer, following Deming PRIDE’s annual pageant, a group of LGBTQ customers entered Denny’s looking to celebrate another successful pageant. The waitstaff wasn’t too keen on their celebrations. “They sat for more than 45 minutes without being offered drinks, given menus, or provided service of any kind,” according to the ACLU. From the ACLU of New Mexico: 

When one of the group, a transgender woman, got up to ask one of the servers if they could take their orders, she called the group ‘fags,’ and said they wouldn’t serve a ‘boy with tits.’ Those are pretty awful things to hear when all you’re expecting is a short stack of pancakes, not bigotry.

Cool. Mayor Gonzales orders pride flag to fly at City Hall to celebrate Pride month in the City Different

This may be a first.  Santa Fe’s new mayor has ordered the pride flag flown at Santa Fe City Hall to celebrate Pride month in the City Different.    🙂

Media Advisory



June 26, 2014




Mayor Gonzales Proclaims June as Pride Month in the City of Santa Fe

Pride Flag Will Fly over Santa Fe City Hall on Friday, June 27, 2014


SANTA FE, NM – Mayor Javier M. Gonzales will raise the Pride Flag above City Hall on Friday, June 27, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. to celebrate June as Pride month for members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (gender identity/expression) (LGBT) communities.  


He will also read an official proclamation designating June as Pride month in Santa Fe.  



What:                             Pride flag will fly above City Hall;



When:                            Friday, June 27, 2014, 8:00 a.m.;



Where:                           East Lawn of City Hall at 200 Lincoln Avenue;



Who:                              Mayor Gonzales will raise the Pride flag and read proclamation proclaiming June as Pride month in Santa Fe.

Sen. Heinrich urges President Obama to protect LGBT workers from discrimination in the workplace

On March 18th, Senator Martin Heinrich joined over 175 of his fellow Members of Congress in signing a Bicameral letter urging President Obama to issue an executive order to protect gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual workers from discrimination in the work place. WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) co-signed a letter today calling on President Barack Obama to issue an executive order banning contractors from receiving federal government contracts unless they have a policy prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The letter was led by U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) and U.S. Representative Jared Polis (Colo-02) and is signed by more than 175 members of Congress.  “[We] urge you to fulfill the promise in your State of the Union address to make this a ‘year of action’ and build    upon the momentum of 2013 by signing an executive order banning federal contractors from engaging in        employment discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Americans,” wrote the  signatories. “An executive order covering LGBT employees would be in line with a bipartisan, decades-long  commitment to eradicating taxpayer-funded discrimination in the workplace.”

Westboro Baptist Church blames Roswell shooting on same-sex marriage. sigh.

These a**holes are well known for blaming everything from hurricanes to tornadoes on homosexuality and same-sex marriage. No surprise then that upon learning of the tragic shooting in Roswell this morning, the Westboro Baptist church jumped to Twitter to say #GodSentTheShooter because of New Mexico’s adoption of #SSM (same-sex marriage). Be on the lookout for Westboro Baptist to dispatch protesters to Roswell in the near future.

This ABQ teen was attacked for being gay. You won’t believe what happened next

Last night I saw a news story I couldn’t believe.   A 14-year old gay teen was attacked for being gay inside Albuquerque’s Coronado Mall and instead of being helped, he was banned from the mall for fighting. It would be unbelievable if it wasn’t for the video the attacker’s friends took and posted online.  
There is no excuse for anti-gay bullying or violence.   But how the Albuquerque Police Department and mall management responded is even worse. Instead of recognizing the signs of anti-gay bullying or investigating the violent attack, they banned both young men and sent the victim away. “Issaic” is a hero for standing up and coming forward.  Growing up gay is hard enough.  I know. 
That’s why I want to be sure this never happens to another gay teen.

“Love thy chikin, Love thy gays” event to oppose Chick-Fil-A intolerance appreciation day

“Love thy chikin, Love thy gays” event to oppose Chick-Fil-A intolerance appreciation day
Cow & chicken costumes to provide “hate free” chicken sandwiches for free on Wednesday August 1

Albuquerque – In response to Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee’s call for evangelicals and conservatives to show their support for Chick-Fil-A’s homophobic stance by eating at the restaurant on August 1, ProgressNow New Mexico announces the “Love thy chikin, Love thy gays” event to occur on the same day.  

Earlier this week fundamentalist Fox News host and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee joined former presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s call for conservatives to eat at Chick-Fil-A on August 1 to show their support for the company’s “traditional family values” agenda.  

ProgressNow New Mexico is calling on individuals and families who support their LGBT friends and relatives to rally at their local Chick-Fil-A restaurant during lunch on August 1.  

The events are designed to show solidarity with communities like Boston and Chicago where mayors pulled in the welcome mat for Chick-Fil-A.  

At the Albuquerque event, to be held at Albuquerque’s newest Chick-Fil-A restaurant, LGBT community allies will gather in cow costumes and hand out 100 free “hate free” chicken sandwiches from Roma Bakery & Deli, a local gay-owned restaurant.

Fact Sheet: Heather Wilson & LGBT Issues

29 June 2012
LGBT Issues: What Does Heather Wilson Think? Albuquerque Gay Pride is Saturday and the LGBT Community Deserves to Know What Heather Wilson Thinks About Issues Important to the LGBT Community 
ALBUQUERQUE — This fact sheet is the first in a series that ProgressNow NM will be releasing in the coming weeks detailing Heather Wilson’s positions on a number of issues important to the New Mexicans Wilson wishes to represent.  
To learn more about Wilson in the meantime, visit, “like” ProgressNow NM on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.  
Stay tuned to ProgressNow NM is the coming weeks as more fact sheet are released!  

What Heather Wilson Thinks About_LGBT