Bernie is coming to ABQ to get out the vote!  Here’s what you need to know

Sen. Bernie Sanders is coming to New Mexico on Tuesday to fire-up voters to turn out for candidates fighting to live minimum wage to a living wage, a more sustainable economy and combat climate change. See you all Tuesday. Info below: 

At the event, Sanders will say let’s raise the minimum wage to a living wage, let’s combat climate change and move to sustainable energy, let’s make public colleges and universities tuition free, let’s end a broken criminal justice system.  

GOTV Rally with Senator Bernie Sanders

Doors Open: 10:00 am

When: 11:00 am Tuesday, October 18

Where: In front of Mesa Vista Hall – 302 Cornell Drive NE Albuquerque, NM 87106 across from the SUB on the main walkway of UNM

Clash of the Titans: Debate Watch at Tractor Brewery Wells Park MONDAY

Join ProgressNow New Mexico as we watch the candidates verbally duke it out in their first of three, Presidential debates. Expect a lively evening at Tractor Brewing Company in Wells Park during our DEBATE WATCH PARTY, Monday, September 26, 2016, at 6PM. Admission is free. (However, donations to ProgressNow are welcome.) Over the years, hundreds of progressives have packed our watch parties to enjoy the chance to yell at the TV, cheer for their candidate, and tonight will be no exception. Show up and have a beer, purchase a savory meal from the Spork the World Food Truck and get some progressive swag.

Representative Nora Espinoza doesn’t want you to register to vote

The Albuquerque Journal reported today that nearly 460,000 postcards were mailed out from the office of Secretary of State Brad Winter and State Representative Nora Espinoza of Roswell is not happy about it. What’s the harm of a postcard? Nothing, unless one is concerned the recipients will participate in the democratic process, get registered and vote on Election Day. The postcard alerts nearly half a million New Mexicans that if they fit certain criteria which include being 18 or older, a resident of New Mexico and a U.S. citizen, they may be eligible to vote in November. Just last year Representative Espinoza voted in favor of implementing voter outreach in March of 2015. In July 2016, the State of New Mexico signed up with Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), an organization that uses data-matching tools to accurately identify the eligible, thereby increasing access to the voter registration process, making it easier for New Mexicans to engage in the political progress.