Leaked Emails Show GOP Leaders Planning for Fake Right-to-Work Study and ‘Sugar Daddy’ to Push it Through Elections

We all know that so-called “right-to-work” legislation is simply a Republican ploy to curtail worker security and defeat Democrats, but we haven’t had much hard evidence of that fact.

Until now.

A ProgressNow NM investigation has uncovered a Republican plan – years in the making and involving some of Gov. Martinez’s closest operatives – that involved funding a fake report to “prove” right-to-work’s effectiveness while using this issue as a political bludgeon to defeat Democrats.

A new review of secret campaign emails leaked from Susana Martinez’s campaign account by former staffers located emails between the Rio Grande Foundation and Republican operatives looking for a “sugar daddy” to pay for a fake report and new narrative designed to “win all close elections” against Democrats “dumb” enough to oppose it. The emails involve a who’s who of Republican operatives: Mickey Barnett, Paul Gessing, Darren White, Duncan Scott, and Jay McCleskey.

What we’ve uncovered is too much (and too good) to fit into just one story. So we’ve broken it up into a few pieces that lay out just what went down, who the characters are, and what tactics were (and continue to be) used.


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