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PED Sec: US legacy of racist “Manifest Destiny” justifies charter schools… What?

This weekend, the Albuquerque Journal reported that the New Mexico Public Education Secretary-designate Christopher Ruszkowski […]

Say it with us – respect women, respect abortion

Times are changing. Women are finally starting to be heard about sexual harassment – but this is just the beginning and we have more work to do. What we believe to be at the crux of this matter is respect.

One day after making it easier for people to cross state lines with guns, Pearce offers more “prayers” for gun violence victims

Once again New Mexicans are hurting in the wake of a terrifying school shooting in […]

[WATCH] Our new ad campaign targets NM congressional votes on methane waste

Thankfully, U.S. Reps. Ben Ray Lujan and Michelle Lujan Grisham stood up for New Mexico taxpayers. Shame on U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce for sponsoring legislation that wastes taxpayer-owned resources and hurts our schools.

Open Enrollment for Health Insurance Coverage Closes December 15th

There is a deadline on the horizon that is supremely important to thousands of New Mexicans. This time of year many folks are focused on the calendar for holiday purposes. ProgressNow New Mexico, however, wants you to quickly turn your attention to your health. As we head into the last days of 2017, the days are even fewer in regards to how many you have to make a decision about your health coverage. 

#MeToo: We must call out culture of sexual misconduct in NM politics

The recent revelations about the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault nationwide have not gone unnoticed here in New Mexico. We’re not immune from the kinds of predatory behavior that have been the undoing of so many men around the nation already.

Speaking Out – Abortion and Harrassment

We are on the precipice of change. We are seeing courageous women come forward and share their personal experiences and it’s catching fire. But there is still so much work to do to ensure that the next generation of New Mexicans has the type of future we all dream of. But, one thing we are certain of is that our stories will continue to be at the root of this change.

Heinrich blasts GOP tax plan & reminds us of the same struggles we’ve seen in NM for years

Sen. Heinrich touches on federal issues but the points he makes about investments mirror the same debates we’re having here in New Mexico.

Enough is enough – a call to end sexual violence

Our political world is one of explicit and implicit power differentials. We stand together to call an end to a culture that supports men using power and privilege in political environments to harass, intimidate, and sexually violate women and LGTBQ people. Stand with us, sign the petition below. 

“Preemption” – Progressive wins in New Mexico cities may be at risk at the state level

The Las Cruces City Council seated its new and re-elected members today and, in a […]