Resources & Research

Ever wanted to know just how much money the Koch brothers are spending in New Mexico?   or how to debunk the latest myth from science deniers on the right?

Now you can!

We’ve compiled a list of the best resources we’ve found to help you get the facts behind the big issues and pull back the curtain on the right-wing agenda targeting New Mexico.   If you find something you think we should share, email us with the links on the right.

Happy searching!

  • ALEC Exposed lets you read and search for ALEC documents, members and model bills.   ALEC is a conservative “bill mill” where corporate interests write “model bills” to benefit their bottom line, often against the interests of working families, alongside state legislators.  Use these tools to find those bills and stop them.
  • Citizen Audit lets users search search any Form 990 in the last 10 years by the organization’s name, or search for any word within the body of documents we’ve OCR’d–currently about the last three years’ worth and growing.  Who is behind that non-profit?
  • Conservative Transparency is an interactive database that tracks the flow of money among conservative donors, advocacy groups, political committees, and candidates. (Project of the Center for Media & Democracy)
  • Mythopedia lets you search conservative lies and misinformation and gives you the real world facts to rebut them, complete with citations to back it up.   Search for any topic.  (Project of Media Matters)
  • New Mexico’s Campaign Finance Information System (CFIS) is an online portal listing campaign finance reports and lobbyist information for New Mexico.