These 3 facts show how the Senate healthcare repeal impacts real New Mexicans (including you)

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) desperately wanted to have the US Senate vote on healthcare repeal before the July 4th recess because he was afraid that healthcare supporters (everyone but the 12% of Americans who approve of the bill) would have time to organize opposition. It turns out he was right, and for good reason. As healthcare experts and advocacy groups learn more about the bill, the worse the plan looks for average Americans, including hundreds-of-thousands of New Mexicans who would lose access to care. Need a quick update?  Here are three simple stats that explain just what the Republican Senate healthcare bill would mean to New Mexicans.

Medicaid rollback will impact New Mexicans most

New Mexico is one of many states suffering from an opioid epidemic. Stories about states battling the grips of overdose and the overwhelming instances of treatment, hospitalization, and death of addicts have been the focus of national media lately.

Something Really Awesome Just Happened

This new and brilliant protocol allows pharmacists to write prescriptions for hormonal contraceptives, allowing women with limited access to doctors to more easily get birth control.

One more reason for NM Women to join the Resistance

Birth control has meant that women have more opportunity and better control over their own lives. We’ve made important progress for women’s health. The rate of unintended pregnancy is at an all-time low, thanks in part to expanded access to birth control. People in this country, and especially New Mexico, do not want to see that progress rolled back.

Veterans Might Have to Remember What Healthcare was like…

As Americans, we are guaranteed the opportunity to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and those rights are bravely defended by those wearing the uniforms of our armed service. Some have given their all while serving in uniform and it’s their memory we honor this weekend. For those who come home from conflicts, the battle isn’t always left behind. On this Memorial Day, we are taking the time to put a lens on what recent decisions by the Trump administration mean for those who protect and serve our country. Another fight is upon us all as we experience the impact of sweeping decisions made by the current administration under the hand of President Donald Trump.

US Supreme Court affirms Obamacare. Again.

The US Supreme Court sent a clear message to Republicans in Congress this morning: Obamacare is here to stay. Chief Justice John Roberts joined 5 other traditionally more liberal justices in upholding provisions that provide subsidies for low and middle-income Americans who seek health insurance through state-based exchanges. “Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets, not to destroy them,” Chief Justice Roberts said in the majority opinion. He was joined by Justices Kennedy, Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan. Today’s decision the Supreme Court has dealt a major blow to Republican efforts to invalidate the president’s signature domestic policy achievement, to date.

New Mexico Medicaid expansion draws 13,000 applications

New Mexico Medicaid expansion draws 13,000 applications

updated Mon October 28, 2013
By Barry Massey – Associated Press

SANTA FE >> More than 13,000 New Mexicans have applied for health care services through Medicaid since enrollment opened earlier this month for an expanded program that will cover more low-income adults, according to state officials. Gov. Susana Martinez’s administration and a health care advocate consider it a good start for a state with one of the highest uninsured rates in the country. Of those who submitted applications, about 79 percent, or nearly 10,500, were found to be eligible for Medicaid through Wednesday, according to the Human Services Department. Matt Kennicott, a spokesman for the department, said the pace of Medicaid enrollment since Oct. 1 is similar to what the state typically sees each month.

The cost of not expanding Medicaid? How about $1,500 per INSURED person?

Patrick Davis, ProgressNowNMWith the ACA constitutionality thing settled, the only X-factor left for states is the expansion of Medicaid to cover those who are otherwise uninsured and making up to 133% of the poverty level.Texas recently announced that it would not do so, leaving some 25% of its population without health insurance options.  Other Republican governors, including New Mexico’s Susana Martinez have expressed reservations about using Medicaid to cover our poor and uninsured – as many as 200,000 in New Mexico who are otherwise not insurable and in the “poverty gap.”In this morning’s Albuquerque Journal [subscription required], Winthrop Quigley examines the impact for hospitals, providers and taxpayers who will still have to foot the bill if those poor and ill New Mexicans continue to delay early care and use emergency rooms for primary care.He rightly notes,”New Mexico’s hospitals have a big stake in the decision. Hospitals have received payments from the federal government to compensate them for treating indigent patients. Those payments ($20.4 million in New Mexico last year) disappear under the ACA because the act assumes everyone is covered and hospitals no longer see indigent patients. If Medicaid isn’t expanded, hospitals lose both the payments and coverage for indigent patients.” And guess who foots the bill?  Insurance premium payers.  Again, we go back to Quigley:”Uninsured people put off getting treatment because they can’t afford it, so small tumors grow into big tumors and treatable asthma becomes chronic lung disease.

NM Celebrates Historic Health Care Law With Week of Events

ACA Anniversary Week is Here! Series of events will highlight how the landmark health care law is already positively impacting the lives of NM’s citizens 
[UPDATED: Thursday’s event information + Online resources to help you understand what the ACA does and how it is already making America’s healthcare more efficient and affordable]
It’s ACA Anniversary Week and New Mexico will be celebrating the 2nd year anniversary of the passage of the historic Affordable Care Act with a variety of events throughout the week. These events aim to educate the public on the benefits of the ACA while celebrating how the ACA is already helping seniors, children, women, and the public at large. To learn more about the benefits of the ACA and to show your support for the human right of health care, visit this link and sign the NEW MEXICO SUPPORTS THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT pledge. Check out the schedule of events below and be sure to spread the word on social media outlets this week by using the hashtag #HealthCareWorks.