Earth Fest by La Montañita Co-Op

Join us behind our Nob Hill store on Silver Ave. where you can check out hundreds of local vendors, social and economic justice organizations, environmental advocacy groups, performers and, of course, La Montañita’s delicious deli foods! For more information please visit:

VICTORY: All Three Anti-Abortion Bills Tabled in the Roundhouse

The three anti-abortion bills we told you were headed to the Roundhouse last week have been all but defeated, thanks to your swift action, true testimonies, and declarations of support for New Mexico women and their families.  

HB 37 (“Born Alive), HB 220 (20-week Abortion Ban) and HB 221 (Abortion by Parental Consent) have all be tabled for the 2017 New Mexico Legislative Session, ensuring that the reproductive choices of New Mexico women, their privacy, a woman’s right to decide will remain intact until they are again challenged by the religious right, and they will be. Here’s a short summary of how things unfolded this week:

HB 37, the Forced Medical Intervention Act, otherwise known by the pro-life, radical right as the “Born Alive Bill,” would have blocked women, their families, and their healthcare providers from making personalized medical decisions. This bill was tabled in the Judiciary House & Human Affairs committee on Thursday, March 2 in the afternoon having been postponed and rescheduled twice. After grueling 6+ hours of testimony, the bill was defeated, also causing the other two bills that were planned to be heard in the same committee to roll over to the next available date.

Five New Mexico Cities Host Women’s Marches This Saturday: What You Need to Know

What began as a Facebook event invite and a response to the now imminent inauguration of President-elect Donald J. Trump has quickly turned into a viral, global grassroots movement and an international day of resistance. The Women’s March on Washington launches in five days with a New Mexico delegation to represent the progressives marching here at home. New Mexico is doing its part and you can participate. On Saturday, January 21, millions of people will gather in cities across the United States and in international locations in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington D.C. In every state in the Union, more than 370 peaceful, inclusive, gatherings are playing host to an estimated 735,070 marchers and participants. Here’s what you need to know to participate in the marches happening in our state.

The Carlisle Luxury Condominium Burns

Albuquerque’s latest luxury condos currently under construction went up in flames in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. The Carlisle at 3600 Central Avenue South East in the heart of the Nob Hill District was heavily damaged in a multi-alarm fire that began after 1 am. The three-story, 34-condo building, currently taking reservations was slated for occupancy by the summer of 2016 but appeared to have been unoccupied at the time of this morning’s fire. Fire crews worked for hours to extinguish the aggressive flames that seemed to emerge from multiple sides of the building. Area homes temporarily lost power as firefighters battled to contain the flames.

Parents and Presidents can’t afford to get sick.

And with a bang of District Judge Alan Malott’s gavel, big business interests in New Mexico postponed – at least for now – a worker-led ballot initiative that would guarantee sick-leave for workers in the Duke City. Now, workers will keep serving our food, caring for our kids and our elderly parents when they’re under the weather. If nothing else, this week reminds us that parents and Presidents can’t afford to get sick. Fox News pundits do the happy dance as they chronicle day two of investigative reporting into presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton’s absence from the campaign trail. Pneumonia?

[VIDEO] Gary Johnson took a ride in a low-rider in Albuquerque and his reaction is amazing

It seems like most presidential candidates are having a hard time relating to Latino voters this year.  But for Gary Johnson, a former governor of the country’s most Chicano state, connecting to our country’s fastest growing constituency is well, as easy as a ride in a low rider. New Mexico is known for its low-rider culture and when he took a break from his Albuquerque rally to check out a few parked outside the Albuquerque Convention Center the Libertarian candidate for president couldn’t resist a ride. What happens next is absolutely amazing.  Watch his reaction when the hydraulics kick in!

Action Alert: Graphic anti-abortion mailer targets progressive legislators (again)

Is anti-choice group Protest Albuquerque about to break the law… again? This week the denounced anti-choice group ‘Protest Albuquerque’ announced plans to send out more mailers depicting gruesome images and targeting what they call “religious pro-abortion Catholic Democrats.” In this round of mailers they say they will be targeting voters starting with homes in the districts of progressive champions State Senators Jerry Ortiz y Pino and Jacob Candelaria. Previously the group sent mailers just before New Mexico’s primary election day on June 7 into districts targeting Michael Sanchez, Bill O’Neill, and Daniel Ivey-Soto.

#Enough. Here’s how ABQ is responding to mass-LGBT shootings in #Orlando

Saturday marked 40 years for Albuquerque’s Pride Parade and the turning of another decade of progress for equality in our country. But, less than two years after the historic Supreme Court decision recognizing the right to marry across the country, religious and political extremists are finding expanding support for their hatespeech rhetoric targeting the LGBTQ community. As New Mexicans woke up this morning ready to bring to a close the final day of Pride Week, we woke up to news of the largest mass shooting in American history: a 3-hour “terrorist style” shooting of partiers at one of Orlando’s largest LGBTQ clubs which has also served as a resource center and political organizing point for pro-equality advocates in that Florida community.

As investigators sort through the shooter’s past, what is clear is this:

The shooter’s family says he held a particular disdain for same sex couples
The shooter allegedly claimed some allegiance to ISIS extremist



Albuquerque is coming together to honor the victims and demand action in response to the mass shooting targeting LGBTQ residents and supporters in Orlando. Several groups are posting different social media events and posts pushing everyone to a united community event tonight in ABQ.

2016 NM Progressive Voter Guide: Primary Edition

It’s finally here!  ProgressNow’s Progressive Voter Guide for the 2016 Primary Elections is out.  We’ve been doing this progressive advocacy thing for a while and one thing we know: who we elect matters.  Whether it’s a County Clerk who issues the first same-sex marriage license (thanks, Lynn!) or a State Rep. defending working families wages (thanks to lots of you!), electing the right candidates matter. Bernalillo County Voter Guide
Dona Ana County Voter Guide
*Why don’t you make one for other counties?  We’re working on it.  We’ll have individual guides for all 33 counties ready for the General Election.  We’re a small shop and these take a lot of time, so we focused on the counties where we had staff on the ground to do the legwork – want more ProgressNow?  Consider a donation to help us build that power.

The actual Trump protest was nothing like the one you saw on the news

Donald Trump’s brand of bigotry came to New Mexico Tuesday, prompting plenty of Burqueños to gather downtown for an alternative event, #LoveTrumpsHate. Some local and national press refocused on a handful of people at events after the Trump rally and put the day in a bad light, but the event attended by hundreds of families and community members was a peaceful, fun event. Albuquerque Police later tweeted that protesters were gone when things got rowdy. Here’s a quick look at the actual protest, families and all.  

A sign-making table

An impromptu parade…