Protest Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity forum in Santa Fe

 Americans for Prosperity (a Koch-backed group) are planning a forum to help teach their followers how to reach out to local legislators.  We plan to stage a funeral march to symbolize the “Death of Democracy” (Sold to Charles and David Koch) to demonstrate that a healthy democracy should not be sold to the highest bidder.  If you would like to participate in the funeral march, please wear all-black.  We also welcome anyone who simply wants to cheer us on and show Americans for Prosperity that their message of lowering taxes for the ultra rich, eliminating healthcare for the poor and middle class, and privatizing public education is not welcome in Santa Fe.

Both sides of the coin: What a flip in the NM Governor’s seat means for New Mexicans

In 2018, New Mexicans will have an important decision to make. Will dark money control the choices made for our children, our communities, and our natural resources? We would like to think not – we will continue to fight for the assurance of that not being the case. Let’s continue to #Resist. How does that sound?

New: Koch Brothers back in New Mexico with fake-grassroots group chapter

The non-dark horses of “Dark Money,” appear to be headed to the Duke City. A recent story by the Santa Fe Reporter’s Matt Grubs, mentions that State Director Robert “Burly” Cain’s intent to open very soon in New Mexico, with eyes on Santa Fe as a possible location.

The Right-Wing Solution to Poverty: An MRS Degree

As usual, the “data” behind such claims confuses correlation with causation in an attempt to fit the square-peg of their specious arguments into the round hole of reality.