TAKE ACTION: Tell Trump not to pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio

In July, a federal judge convicted Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio of willfully violating a federal order to stop using his police force to target residents based on race.  Earlier this month, President Trump announced that he would travel to Phoenix, launching speculation that Trump would pardon his long-time ally. Tuesday afternoon, White House communications staff said that Donald Trump was not prepared to talk about pardoning the former sheriff. Four hours later, Trump mentioned it anyway.

SB1070 and Secure Communities


by Marsha Garcia, ProgressNow NM


The Supreme Court has ruled that the “Papers Please” portion of Arizona’s infamous SB1070 will stand. What many New Mexicans do not know is that multiple cities, towns, and villages in our great state are already participating in their own version of SB1070’s “Papers Please” law. 97 percent of municipalities in New Mexico have gone into partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security through their Secure Communities initiative.  
Albuquerque is probably the most notable. In May of 2010, Mayor RJ Berry signed an executive order that moved U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents into APD’s Prisoner Transport Center.

Where's the jobs, Gov? NM job growth falls behind West & Nation-at-Large

New Mexico’s Job Growth Among Lowest in Western StatesThe Governor’s Failed Economic PoliciesContinue to Hurt Main Street New Mexico After more than a year in office, Governor Martinez is realizing the results of her economic policies. The news isn’t good.But the data is not in any statement or press release you’ll find coming from the governor’s office.According to the state’s own report, New Mexico’s job growth is among the lowest in the West, coming in at just 0.6%. That’s more than a full point behind the average of other western states and even a point behind the national average.So, what gives?  Why are Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, California, Montana and Oklahoma adding more jobs more quickly than Martinez’s New Mexico?Start with the governor’s illogical focus on protecting big out-of-state corporate interests over the interests of Main Street New Mexico. When the legislature gave Martinez a chance to put New Mexico on a level playing field with its neighboring states, she balked.  SB9 would have closed a corporate tax loophole that lets big box stores (like Wal-Mart and Home Depot) avoid paying any state income tax, while Mom and Pop shops pay 7% or more.