Bernie is coming to ABQ to get out the vote!  Here’s what you need to know

Sen. Bernie Sanders is coming to New Mexico on Tuesday to fire-up voters to turn out for candidates fighting to live minimum wage to a living wage, a more sustainable economy and combat climate change. See you all Tuesday. Info below: 

At the event, Sanders will say let’s raise the minimum wage to a living wage, let’s combat climate change and move to sustainable energy, let’s make public colleges and universities tuition free, let’s end a broken criminal justice system.  

GOTV Rally with Senator Bernie Sanders

Doors Open: 10:00 am

When: 11:00 am Tuesday, October 18

Where: In front of Mesa Vista Hall – 302 Cornell Drive NE Albuquerque, NM 87106 across from the SUB on the main walkway of UNM

Bernie and Bill coming to New Mexico – here’s how you can see them both (What, no Trump?!)

New Mexico’s primary day is often overlooked by national candidates since it comes on the very last possible day for primaries nationwide. But this year is special because the Democratic nomination is still unsettled and the candidate will be selected based on delegates picked on our primary day – June 7th. Even though there are a lot more delegates available in California and other states that day, neither the Clinton nor Sanders campaign are treating the Land of Enchantment like a flyover state this year. Both campaigns are coming to NM this week and here’s where you can see them:

Bernie Sanders
Friday May 20

3pm, Santa Fe Community College, William Witter Fitness Center:  This event with Senator Sanders is limited to just 2,500 people. Doors open at 1, so get there early.

Who do YOU support for President in 2016?

Who are you supporting for U.S. President in 2016? 

VOTE NOW in the ProgressNowNM 2016 Presidential Poll. Click here to cast your vote. Results of the ProgressNowNM 2016 Presidential Poll will be announced next Friday, March 4th — that gives you one week to vote, share and run up the vote for your pick. But you can only vote once, so you’ll have to do a little grassroots organizing to share via email, Facebook and Twitter with your friends if you want to see your candidate win. Click here to VOTE in the PROGRESSNOWNM 2016 Presidential Poll.