Happening Now: Conservatives and Progressive face off for control in ABQ, Las Cruces elections

We are entering into a pivotal time in New Mexico. In Albuquerque, citizens are approaching a runoff in the mayoral race as well as in city council district 5. And in Las Cruces, municipal elections for three city councilors and a municipal judge are happening now. We’ve all seen what happens when progressive voters assume elections are already won and decide to stay home.  In New Mexico’s two most populous cities, progressive voters could be the largest voting blocs, but traditionally under-perform in city elections.  Now, more than ever, your local candidates are counting on your vote. Albuquerque: Citywide runoff, now through Nov.

Vote – Just Go Vote… #WhoWeElectMatters

Consider your options, talk to your neighbors, attend one of the remaining forums, and then go vote. Municipal level elections are where change is influenced most immediately. As an outlet for information, keeping people aware, informed and engaged, is always our focus. We urge you to keep the focus as we head toward October 3rd and November 8th and push your friends and fellow community members to vote. We appreciate it and you.

A fight worth fighting: Legal defense fund supports city councilors targeted for recall over minimum wage vote

A few years ago, Doña Ana County’s clerk did a pretty amazing thing – and the Tea Party went straight to court to stop him. With your help, we established the legal defense fund to defend Lynn Ellins and other county clerks who issued the state’s first same-sex marriage licenses.  Together, you helped us raise more than $30,000 and we defended them all the way to the State Supreme Court.  Lynn even donated the left over money to LGBT groups helping newly married couples across New Mexico. Today, those same conservatives are targeting a new group of New Mexico’s progressive champions and we need your help again. Here’s the short version from KRWG:
The controversy continues over efforts to recall three Las Cruces city councilors.  The political action committee New Mexicans for a Better Tomorrow is trying to get a court to force the city of Las Cruces to reinstate petition signatures that were thrown out.  More than 700 people asked the city to remove their signatures from petitions to recall city councilors Gill Sorg, Nathan Small, and Olga Pedroza. Currently, there are not enough valid signatures to require a recall election.

Mayor Berry: ABQ is ‘a national model’ by paying women 90% of what men earn [Action Alert]

How would you feel if your boss said he was going to reward your supervisor if he paid you 10% less than the guy down the hall doing the same job? That’s exactly what Mayor Berry told women in Albuquerque when he proposed and passed his brand new “equal pay for women” ordinance this week. Here’s how the Albuquerque Journal describes it:
An ordinance adopted by city councilors this week, at the request of Mayor Richard Berry, establishes a 5 percent preference in the evaluation process for businesses seeking a city contract. The incentive will go to companies that show they pay women at least within 10 percent of what they pay men in comparable jobs… The city estimates that its own wage disparity is about 7 percent, according to testimony before the council on Monday.