ALEC’s ‘State Chair of the Year’ will now run for Congress in New Mexico


ALEC, the secretive organization marrying corporations and legislators to create pro-corporate bills, named it’s New Mexico state chairperson their “Chair of the Year” in 2015 for her work pushing corporate agendas through the State Legislature. Now its 2017 and she plans to use all that state legislative experience as a platform to run for Congress in the open Congressional seat vacated by Steve Pearce who just announced he is running for governor in 2018.  

Who is Yvette Herrell? Most New Mexicans outside of the legislature have never heard of Herrell, but conservative special interests and corporate lobbyists have her on speed dial. The Alamogordo-area Republican was first elected to the State Legislature in 2010 after winning the primary and facing no Democratic opponent.

Congress is about to go on break, are you ready for more town halls?

Congress is set to be off for quite a bit of the month of April. According to the Washington Post, the House is only scheduled to be in session for EIGHT days this month. With all that time off, it’s likely we’ll see some of New Mexico’s congressional delegation back home and talking with constituents. Find events near you: ProgressNowNM’s Statewide Progressive Events Calendar
While we’re generally pretty happy with the job our congressional delegation is doing in Washington, it’s always good to be aware of what key issues our congress people and senators are working on. And in southern New Mexico especially, holding Rep. Steve Pearce accountable for the LACK of representation he gives us is absolutely key.

Help Sen Udall Fix the Filibuster



The Senate is supposed to be a place of compromise, a home for grand debates on the biggest issues.  

But Republicans are abusing the rules, turning the time-honored filibuster into a tool of obstruction and gridlock to prevent any debate or progress.  Since becoming the minority in 2007, Republicans have threatened to filibuster more than 400 times – twice as much as any previous terms.


With the current rules, just the threat to filibuster is enough to halt proceedings. And they do it to block progress on everything from mundane procedural votes to judicial nominees and the budget.  

Abusing this time-honored tradition, Republicans have blocked:


Judicial confirmations to fill 55 judicial vacancies, including 34 considered “judicial emergencies.” 


Food Safety Enhancement Act


Wounded Veteran Job Security Act


American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009


And the list goes on and on…  

But, in just a few weeks the Senate has the chance to change its rules and require members who threaten a filibuster to actually take to the floor in a real-live debate.