Mischievous Movida Moves Mandatory Photo Voter ID

The chairman of the House Government, Elections and Indian Affairs Committee pulled a surprise move this morning, quickly recalling and then passing a strict mandatory photo voter ID bill that was not on the agenda.  He did it while several Democratic opponents were out of the room dealing with other bills, which left Republicans with the ability to pass the bill without forceful opposition. Last month, the HGEIAC Committee had previously tabled (killed) House Bill 340, sponsored by Rep. Cathrynn Brown (R-Otero), in favor of a compromise bill Chairman Jim Smith co-sponsored with Democratic Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto and supported by the state’s county clerks. One bill advances, another tabled in voter ID discussion | NM Political Report | Feb. 21, 2015
The House Government, Elections and Indian Affairs Committee voted to pass one bill related to voter ID, while the more strict version was tabled.

#NMLEG Progressive Bill of the Day | 02-13-15

Two bills in the House and Senate have been introduced that would create a statewide food infrastructure to assist entrepreneurs in connecting rural producers to consumers. Rep. Debbie Rodella and Sen. Richard Martinez have introduced identical bills in their respective chambers to appropriate $1.4 millions dollars from the general fund to the Economic Development Department “to support agricultural and food entrepreneurs in creation of a statewide food infrastructure to connect rural producers to consumers.” Check out Rep. Rodella’s bill HERE and Sen. Martinez’s bill HERE. And if you don’t already know, there are some fabulous organizations operating in New Mexico that work on food-related issues like hunger, entrepreneurial development, and connecting locally produced food to schools and restaurants. Find out more about these organization’s work at their websites:

Mixing Bowl (The Kitchen for Entrepreneurs) — http://mixingbowlnm.org/

Farm to Table (Promoting locally based agriculture through education, community outreach and networking) — http://www.farmtotablenm.org/

NM Appleseed (Better Policy, Better Lives) — http://www.nmappleseed.org/

Shut out: GOP Chair Shuts Down Public Comment in Committee with Dozens Waiting to Speak

More than two-dozen New Mexicans were blocked from speaking about a controversial labor law proposal after the new Republican chairwoman of the House Business and Employment committee stopped public comment in the public committee this morning. State Rep. Debbie Rodella (D-Rio Arriba/Santa Fe) opposed the decision saying “no one” has ever cut off public comment or limited the ability of the public to speak on legislation. “This is a dangerous precedent,” she added. Rep Debbie Rodella of @NMHouseDems says “limiting debate” has never happened at #nmleg

— ProgressNOW NM (@ProgressNowNM) January 29, 2015
After Republican State Rep. Dennis Roch (R-Logan) presented his right-to-work bill (HB22), Committee Chair Jane Powdrell Culbert (R-Bernalillo Co.) asked for a show of hands of those in opposition to the bill. Seeing a room full of hands, she declared “every hand went up.”
@NMHOUSEGOP “every hand went up” opposing #rtw #nmleg pic.twitter.com/w84Pvd6Uju — ProgressNOW NM (@ProgressNowNM) January 29, 2015
She then called for public input, then cut it off saying she was imposing a time limit on public comment.