#5 – Top 5 Martinez blunders as we approach another legislative session

As the new year starts to pick up speed, as our 30-day legislative session creeps ever closer, we thought it’s the perfect time to highlight some of the failures of our state’s commander-in-chief, Governor Susana Martinez. Between now and the first day of session, when Governor Martinez is set to give her last State of the State Address, Progress Now NM is pleased to present the top five times Governor Martinez has failed the people of New Mexico.

Las Cruces woman hosts fundraiser to clear rape kit backlog for victims like her; Legislators: “do your jobs” so she doesn’t have to

There are over 5,000 untested rape kits in New Mexico evidence rooms. The issue with eliminating such a large backlog is funding. Funding is always an issue though, isn’t it? Tired of waiting, one former rape victim is launching her own campaign to raise funds to end the rape kit testing backlog to bring justice for victims like her. Here’s her story:

Jessi Lail and others have organized a fundraising dinner and concert for Friday, August 19th to raise funds for victims to be able to go and petition the legislature directly. Additional funds will supplement victim’s services at La Pinon Sexual Assault Recovery Services.

Democrats call for Marijuana policy reform in new state, national platforms

In another sign of the influence of progressives on the platform of the Democratic Party, DNC platform committee members this week adopted new planks in their platform calling for a reasoned pathway to future legalization” of marijuana, as well as downgrading marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act. As the Washington Post reports from Orlando, the 81-80 vote in favor was a surprise to many who expected the party to embrace a state-by-state legalization strategy. Back home in New Mexico, state Democrats already carried Marijuana policy reform in the state platform.  “Marijuana should be decriminalized” says the Democratic Party of New Mexico platform. At the time it was adopted, that position was on the forefront of marijuana policy change nationwide.

2016 NM Progressive Voter Guide: Primary Edition

It’s finally here!  ProgressNow’s Progressive Voter Guide for the 2016 Primary Elections is out.  We’ve been doing this progressive advocacy thing for a while and one thing we know: who we elect matters.  Whether it’s a County Clerk who issues the first same-sex marriage license (thanks, Lynn!) or a State Rep. defending working families wages (thanks to lots of you!), electing the right candidates matter. Bernalillo County Voter Guide
Dona Ana County Voter Guide
*Why don’t you make one for other counties?  We’re working on it.  We’ll have individual guides for all 33 counties ready for the General Election.  We’re a small shop and these take a lot of time, so we focused on the counties where we had staff on the ground to do the legwork – want more ProgressNow?  Consider a donation to help us build that power.