[Support Local] Get your tickets now – the money stays in New Mexico

It is just over two weeks away! The 2018 Progressive Action Summit is approaching. This year’s Summit will mark the third from ProgressNow New Mexico, in two years. This year, we’ve expanded our reach by reaching out to our Progressive Alliance partners, America Votes and the Center for Civic Policy. As a trio, with added capacity and collaboration from El Centro de Igualidad y Derechos, Olé, Equality New Mexico, Working Families, and more – we are bringing Albuquerque a day of action like never seen before!

Top 10 Xenophobic Moments from New Mexico’s right-wing leaders

It seems like conservatives always need to wage a war on someone somewhere. Whether that’s their longstanding war on women or their new war on refugee children – they just can’t seem to help themselves. Credit Steve Pearce’s latest immigration gaffes for getting us thinking about  what our local GOP has done in their war on immigrants in the past few years, and we found some obscene things. We compiled the top 10 xenophobic moments from New Mexico’s right-wing. What is it with the GOP and their hate of immigrants?

[VIDEO] Pearce scampers away and hides behind closed-doors when he meets DREAMers

Last month we helped make news exposing Steve Pearce’s two-faced comments about Central America.  Even though it was too dangerous for him and his fellow Congressmen to leave their hotel, Pearce concluded that children should immediately be sent back to their home countries because they were perfectly safe. Even Steven Colbert got in on the act. Now Congressman Pearce has taken his animosity towards Latino immigrants to a whole new level. Before a Republican Party event last night in Downtown Albuquerque, several DREAMers and local immigration advocates attempted to talk to Steve Pearce about his votes.