Washington Post: Martinez “Palin-esque” and a punch line for GOP leaders



Santa Claus keeps bringing Susana Martinez lumps of coal in these last weeks of 2015. First, 911 tapes exposed Martinez’s bullying, vindictive personality (“It’s public record – give it to me!), then new tapes from the officer who responded to the gov’s rowdy hotel room pizza party (can we talk about the maturity of a 56-year old woman attending a prom-like pizza party in a hotel room after midnight?) showed that not only was Martinez drunk but she lied to the media in her apology tour explaining the first tapes. All this helped make Susana Martinez a trending topic on Facebook and Twitter last weekend and that has gotten the attention of national Republicans whom Martinez wants to impress very badly. Today, the Washington Post’s national political correspondent gives us the inside scoop on how GOP leaders are responding to the news out of Santa Fe – and its not good for the once rising star. In addition to being posted online, Hohmann’s column is emailed daily to subscribers for national political news.

Report: Taxpayers paid $8000 for Gov’s party

911 calls of Susana Martinez broke the internet Friday. The New Mexico Political Report was the first to post the calls online and more than 113,000 people have listened to drunk Susana Martinez on that site alone.  They reported that their site crashed several times Friday as national outlets linked to the story. Over the weekend, the bad news kept coming for Martinez as The Santa Fe New Mexican reported that federal investigators had subpoenaed travel records, payroll records and other documents of Susana Martinez, her former deputy Amy Orlando and an investigator in her Doña Ana County District Attorney’s Office. Notably, the subpoenas were listed as being part of a “criminal investigation.”

This one picture sums up the Martinez administration perfectly

It’s been a whiz-bang few months for Susana Martinez and her cohorts running the “bold change” administration she promised would turn New Mexico around. In case you’ve been in a cave, today’s Santa Fe New Mexican gives us the rundown:

The past two months have ranged from wrenching to heady for Martinez. She acknowledged that her political adviser, Jay McCleskey, the man she credits for her election as governor, is being investigated by the FBI for payments from Martinez’s campaign and inaugural committee to companies that he controlled. Then Martinez and the rest of New Mexico watched as one of her political allies, former Secretary of State Dianna Duran, pleaded guilty to stealing campaign donations to feed a gambling addiction. Duran entered the Santa Fe County jail on Friday to begin a 30-day sentence.

[LISTEN] Susana Martinez drunk dialed 9-1-1 and the audio is amazing

Everyone has that one co-worker or cousin who gets a little too tipsy at the holiday party, but Governor Martinez just took it to a whole new level.  
When the staff of the El Dorado Hotel called Santa Fe police at 1:30 am last weekend to evict the partiers in room 465, the partier-in-chief called 9-1-1 herself demanding to know why they were coming.  
“I am the governor of the state of New Mexic-oooo… I’m sitting in there with my sister, who is disabled, and about six other people eating pizzz-aa” Susana Martinez tells 911. “Call them off!”