Transparent, honest, ethical politics – our gift to New Mexicans

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to join a network of state-wide progressive activists, organizations, and the elected officials who represent them/us. This is an opportunity to take action in our New Mexico communities, to ensure we continue to resist the advances of groups like AFP and ALEC in New Mexico. We can fight back together. Please consider joining us on January 20th.

May Day – International Worker's Day

Join us and our friends at El Centro De Igualdad Y Derechos to help us celebrate May Day! 

Every day millions of people wake up before the sun and get ready for a full day of work – sometimes backbreaking work. Many of these people are immigrants; they are new aspiring Americans and every day they contribute to our economy and community. Many of these people are the unsung heroes who keep our country going. They build the houses we live in, they own the neighborhood meat market we shop in, they take care of our children, and they ensure the food we buy is at the market when we need it. Today – and every May 1st – we honor them by celebrating International Worker’s Day, or May Day as it’s often called.