New Momentum: Progressives win big in New Mexico!

Whether you were Ready for Hillary or Feelin’ the Bern, there is no denying the impact a competitive race of ideas had on Democratic voters last night. You probably already heard  about record-breaking turnout across New Mexico. But did you notice something else? A whole new class of progressive leaders carried the day, bolstered by big progressive turnout in all 33 counties! In the toughest races, you helped us step up for progressive champions and 70 % of candidates supported by ProgressNow’s Progressive Champions PAC won their race!

Taxpayers spend $1.1 million for Gov’s press team that refuses to let her talk to the press

“With a team of communication directors and public information officers who collectively earn more than $1 million annually, getting information from the Martinez’ administration shouldn’t be a problem, but for many reporters, such access is limited or nonexistent.” – Peter St. Cyr, Santa Fe Reporter

After coming into office promising to be the most transparent and accountable governor in New Mexico history, Susana Martinez’s administration has developed the reputation for closing the door to anyone with a tough question or in-depth follow up to her public relations team’s carefully scripted photo ops and polished press releases. But it’s not for lack of staff to help facilitate that public communication – in fact, taxpayers pay more than a million dollars per year, the Santa Fe Reporter found, for a team of spokespeople and public information officers who ignore the press and public questions. It wasn’t supposed to be this way.