Public Hearing: Hydraulic Fracturing on the Navajo Nation

e 23rd Navajo Nation Council would like to invite community members from
Nageezi, Counselor, Ojo Encino, Torreon, and other surrounding communities
to share their concerns regarding hydraulic fracturing on the Navajo Nation. e
Council would like to hear from members who are in favor and opposed to such
activity. Areas of concern include: health issues, air quality, protection of sacred sites,
road conditions, human rights, public safety, jurisdiction, community consultation
and communication. For more information contact: The Office of the Speaker at (928) 871 – 7160

What is “Preemption” and Why is Nate Gentry Obsessed With It?

1. the purchase of goods or shares by one person or party before the opportunity is offered to others. 2. the action of preempting or forestalling, especially of making a preemptive attack.  

You may have heard the word “preemption” floating around the world of New Mexico politics lately like an annoying gnat you can’t quite see but won’t seem to leave you alone.

“Ag-Gag” Bills Seek to Stifle Whistleblowing



If you don’t about Food and Water Watch (and their tenacious New Mexico leader, Eleanor Bravo), you definitely should. Food and Water Watch is a national organization with state affiliates that work on a host of issues, including GMO labelling, anti-fracking policies, environmental regulations, food and agricultural policy, clean water protections, and much more. Ms. Bravo was in the news today speaking out against potential “ag-gag” laws making their way through the legislature. If you’re not familiar with “ag-gag” laws, here’s how the Fair World Project describes their scope:
“Ag-gag” is a term coined to describe a variety of existing and proposed laws that seek to “gag” or prevent whistleblowers from exposing abuses and crimes within the animal agriculture industry. As I’m sure you know, Big Ag and Big Dairy are big industries in the Land of Enchantment (anyone who’s ever driven South to Las Cruces on I-25 knows you can smell the giant dairy production facilities from miles away).

Dear BLM: Please don’t frack Chaco Canyon. Thanks.

For almost 5000 years Chaco Canyon has been a place revered by its inhabitants. Science shows that there have been people present in Chaco since 2900 B.C., it has been preserved and taken care of by every new generation that has had the pleasure of living in the natural beauty that the San Juan Basin offers. Already designated a World Heritage Site, just last year Chaco Canyon was also designated an International Dark Sky Park. There are only 14 on Earth. Did you know?