[UPDATED] All of the Senior, Tribal and Higher Education programs NM Republicans want to cut in the final minutes of the session

After spending a year to review the state’s most “critical needs,” Democrats and Republicans agreed to a capital outlay program to direct taxpayer money to fund the state’s most critical infrastructure needs, including senior centers that provide food and programs for seniors, tribal funds that provide for infrastructure and critical funding for local community college programs that train local workers in locally needed job skills. At the last minute, Republicans in the Ways and Means Committee surprised everyone by pulling a funding movida. Republicans voted in bloc to remove $8.6M from senior programs, $11M from community college programs, then borrow $45M on the state’s credit card to pay for road programs that fulfill the Governor’s campaign promises. According to an analysis by the House Democratic caucus, here are the programs Republicans fought in committee and on the floor to cut:

Statewide Program Cuts to Capital Outlay
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