2018 Elections: New Mexico’s new Governor will be front in center in rebuilding the state

ProgressNow New Mexico will be looking at some top-level races more in-depth over the next few weeks to bring our perspective to the key races we’re expecting to see in New Mexico this year. New Mexico is in the national spotlight as one of the “most likely to flip” states in terms of our governor’s race. Our series will focus on the offices that New Mexicans can vote for statewide. This is the second piece in our series. Susana Martinez came to power in 2010, at the height of the Great Recession and with a host of ideas about how she’d turn the state around by addressing jobs and crime using the reputation she’d garnered as a tough District Attorney to rouse New Mexicans on both sides of the aisle.

[VIDEO] Gary Johnson took a ride in a low-rider in Albuquerque and his reaction is amazing

It seems like most presidential candidates are having a hard time relating to Latino voters this year.  But for Gary Johnson, a former governor of the country’s most Chicano state, connecting to our country’s fastest growing constituency is well, as easy as a ride in a low rider. New Mexico is known for its low-rider culture and when he took a break from his Albuquerque rally to check out a few parked outside the Albuquerque Convention Center the Libertarian candidate for president couldn’t resist a ride. What happens next is absolutely amazing.  Watch his reaction when the hydraulics kick in!

SOS Third Party Suppression

NM Secretary of State “data error” kicks Libertarian and Independent off ballot

Voter Suppression in New Mexico Under Dianna Duran

March 2011:  
SOS claims to have found 64,000 illegally registered voters through database match with MVD license records.   Duran later withdrew the claim after she could not provide evidence of her claim. 
June 2012:  
SOS eliminates straight party voting, a voting method used by 41% voters (approximately 250,000) in the last election.  
July 2012:  
Duran joins others Secretaries of State asking for access to federal immigration databases to compare to state voter rolls.  News reports later report that the database cannot be used to accurately identify voters.  
August 2012:  
Duran inactivates 177,000+ registered voters for being non-residents or non-voters.  Among those to first receive the purge notice is the state’s voting rights director, a lifelong resident and voter.  
August 2012: 
SOS bars Libertarian and IAP candidates from the ballot after her office accidentally disqualified hundreds of valid nominating signatures.  The Libertarian candidate is restored after a hand review.  The SOS’s office refused to conduct that search for the IAP candidate.  

New Mexico’s Republican Secretary of State has gone to extraordinary lengths to exclude conservative-leaning minority parties from November’s general election, a move that bolsters razor-thin margins for Republican Heather Wilson in the upcoming US Senate race unless a legal challenge can overcome it.

Leno to Wiener: I’m not your guy

In an earlier post, we noted that scandal-ridden BernCo Commissioner Michael Wiener responded to the latest round of criticisms with a campaign mailer featuring photos of Wiener with some well-known figures.  

As a general rule, politicians don’t use pictures like that in campaign materialunless the persons pictured have endorsed the candidate.  One picture of Wiener alongside Governor Martinez, who recently called for Wiener’s resignation, got us wondering about others Wiener showed off.  

At the top of the page is a photo of talk show host Jay Leno, arm wrapped around Wiener in an awkward pose.  

That made us wonder: Did we miss the press release announcing the Leno endorsement?