Mike Who? 3 reasons NM voters will never want to have a beer with Trump’s veep

It takes a pretty special person to be Donald Trump’s… well, anything. 
Most candidates pick a running mate for the voters they can bring out to the polls. So who is Mike Pence? Why are politicos calling him Trump’s least worst choice and who in New Mexico would actually vote for him? Don’t know Mike Pence? Don’t worry, we follow right-wing politics so you don’t have to.

Homeschooled students offered credit to campaign against marriage equality in Southern NM

State Representative Bill McCamley (D-33) first made it to the New Mexico House of Representatives in 2012 winning 61% of the vote over his Republican challenger.  In the legislature, McCamely has been a strong supporter of LGBT equality.  That’s no surprise given Dona Ana County’s prominence in the national marriage debate following the decision by County Clerk Lynn Ellins to begin issuing New Mexico’s first licenses to same-sex couples in 2013. Nearly 900 same-sex couples have received licenses in Dona Ana County, which includes McCamley’s district, since last year. So, it’s not surprise that marriage equality could be an important issue in House District 33.